Grimy Goods and 987FM Partner Up to Feature More Indie and Up-and-Coming Talent to 987FM’s Website

Grimy Goods is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with one of our favorite Los Angeles radio stations, 987 FM! They have been doing an amazing job of exposing local Los Angeles up-and-comers along with some hot national and international indie acts. From their exclusive, invite-only Hollywood Tower penthouse parties to their private (and cozy) studio performances, the crew at 987 have thrown some rad shows featuring local indie acts — Mariachi El Bronx, Vanaprasta, Family of the Year, Young The Giant and many more. On a larger scale, they have also put on some awesome penthouse performance with Jane’s Addiction, The Naked & Famous, The Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club and more. And it doesn’t stop there — 987 is cooking up a dope calendar of shows for the new year you won’t want to miss.

As part of our partnership with 987, we’ll continue providing lucky winners with invites to these private performances. Additionally, you’ll be seeing a lot of Grimy Goods’ content on the new Album Reviews page of 987’s Website. We’re totally stoked that they’ve asked us to collaborate on delivering newsworthy album reviews crossing various genres — from supporting acts that nobody knows, to big name headliners. This collaboration is an awesome opportunity for all the writers at Grimy Goods, but most importantly all the bands and artists featured on our site. They too will be featured on 987’s album review section! That’s a whole lot of awesome exposure for bands, especially up-and-comers trying to get their name out.

We’re also tossing back a few other ideas for this collaboration. You may see Sandra on camera with a lot of your favorite musicians delivering more than just your basic interview. A lot of good things on the horizon. Again, we’re honored and thankful that 987 digs our indie voice and has brought us on board to spread the good word.

Check out our collaboration page on 987’s Website here!

25 thoughts on “Grimy Goods and 987FM Partner Up to Feature More Indie and Up-and-Coming Talent to 987FM’s Website

  1. Ryan

    I remember when Sandy’s blog was just starting out. It read like an exciting diary of all the concerts and skateboarding events she’d go to with plenty of crazy photos and always lots of photos of hot girls. Lots of skateboarding stuff too. My how GG has grown. Good work Sandy and the GG crew! Best looking staff of any music blog with great content.

  2. Sandy Post author

    Wow. I’m overwhelmed by all the kind and awesome responses! Thank you so much everyone. Glad you’re all so supportive. Great things are underway and 2012 is gonna slay! Oooh, I rhymed … 😉
    I couldn’t do it with out my amazing, kick-ass contributors who truly have superb taste in music with just the right amount of sass. Great team!

    Pura Vida!

  3. Abbadaba do dah

    Good job sister!
    This is just the beginning of what’s good to come to you so enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    “Good things may come to those who wait, but better things come to those who hustle”

  4. Matt. C

    Sandra is by far the most successful, smartest and HOTTEST female music blogger in LA. And pobably Cali! She needs her own tv show about music.

  5. Fessler

    Congrads GG!!!! What a great thing to happen at the most wonderful time of the year… Keep up the great work..

  6. Jamie

    This is awesome!! Great things happen when people cooperate and work together so I’m excited to see what happens next. Congrats Grimy!

  7. Kristine G

    sweet! 98.7 is so lucky to have your contribution to their station and site! 🙂 congrats, sandra!

  8. walter nasi

    Great to hear that this collaboration will be filling the universe w/ new up and coming indie acts..I’m all for that..Good Luck Cuzin…

  9. Roger

    VEry nice! Congrats. 98.7 has come up in the indie scene lately. You guys will be a great addition to their content

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