Two Door Cinema Club at 98.7 FM Studio – Photos & Review (Sept. 22, 2011)

It’s so refreshing to experience a show with a different structure than your usual performance stage. Popular L.A. radio station, 98.7 FM really nailed it with their in-studio performances at their Burbank office. This was my first time visiting this particular location so I’m not exactly sure if their other Burbank shows are like this one, so I will just share my experience.

Irish indie musicians, Two Door Cinema Club performed on this day, and they put on an amazing  show. It seemed like it was pretty easy and effortless for them to sound so good. As soon as they walked into the studio they jumped right into the song “Cigarettes in the Theatre,” a beautiful song that made my heart melt a little. After this first song, Kade from 98.7 asked a few questions. I want to say interview, but it didn’t feel that way at all. It felt more like a conversation as he was able to get the band to really talk and feel comfortable. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned a host before in a review, so props to Kade for such a great job. The band’s responses were funny, and they are absolutely adorable with their accents. Yes, I will always mention an accent as I am always drawn to them.

The show continued on in the alternating fashion of song vs. witty conversation. I loved it! I think the audience of fifty or so people sitting on the pillow covered floor really enjoyed it as well. Dear 98.7, please do more shows with this structure because it was freakin’ awesome! After the show the band stuck around for pics with the audience and a little conversation. A little highlighted moment for me was when I introduced myself to Kevin Baird (bass) and he sang the song “Roxanne” as he introduced himself. I love when that happens …

The band played a sold-out show later that evening at the Wiltern with my favorite L.A. band Grouplove. I wasn’t able to go and I feel some serious regret over it … *sigh. I think you can listen to a little of the Burbank show and interview on the 98.7 page. The guys talk about Glastonbury, their musical influences and guilty or not so guilty pleasures. Tune in y’all.

Words: Roxanne Hilburn

Photography:  Wei Shi



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