Concert Tickets: Sleigh Bells at the Mayan Theater – Feb. 21, 2012

Sleigh Bells at Sasquatch! – Photo: Sandra Burciaga

UPDATE: Sleigh Bells on Feb. 21 has been moved from the Music Box to the Mayan Theater. Tickets will go on sale today (Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012) at 5pm. Get your Sleigh Bells tickets here!

The last time I saw Sleigh Bells was at Sasquatch!. It was a very kick-ass show but unfortunately, my friend and I got projectile vomited on in the photo pit by some e-tarded kid who was whacked out of his mind on the Molly. Nothing like feeling warm liquid vomit flowing down your arm —gross memory. How ’bout we make a new yummy memory?

Sleigh Bells will be headlining the Music Box on Feb. 21 2012 in support of their sophomore album, Reign of Terror—set for a Feb. 21 release via Mom+Pop Music. Tickets to Sleigh Bells at the Music Box are $22.50 plus service fees and the show is all ages with doors at 8pm. Tickets will go on sale Thursday, Jan. 12 at 10am.

Buy your tickets here!

Listen to Sleigh Bells’ new track “Born to Lose” below!

One thought on “Concert Tickets: Sleigh Bells at the Mayan Theater – Feb. 21, 2012

  1. Scott T Sterling

    Yeah, that will ruin pretty much any show :/

    So psyched to see them at the Mayan though! Good times.

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