Interstellar by Frankie Rose takes me right off the launch on an anti gravity drift with some beautiful lush pads and sweet innocent sounding vocals. Soon after the anti-gravity switch is turned off—the drums start kicking up on a pounding thump-thump-thump, along with a catchy melody of a feminine take over.

Frankie Rose representing Brooklyn, NY released her latest production debut Interstellar, on Slumberland Records. Stemming from notable projects such as Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls (a few existing Grimy Goods favorites)—Frankie joins producer Le Chev to create a special album of intelligent melodies, dynamic lovely vocals, and well-balanced sonic plates of instrumentation.

The diving guitar cascade and perky, but also spatial vocals makes “Gospel/Grace” a favorite of mine. Another notable track, “Daylight Sky” rolls with a steady tempo on that 80s appeal but modernized by Frankie Rose’s musical bliss. Her songs have many blends of styles within the indie fem pop genre which makes this album very pleasing. “Night Swim” makes your move those hips and sway your hands to the wonderful vocal melody changes and cool guitar riffs in the reverb space. Speaking of reverb space, “Apples for the Sun” transcends into that dream world. Another favorite of mine is “Moon in my Mind” which starts off with this sweet dark bass line that gets drenched into Frankie’s vocals and cool guitar strums that take you on this resolute journey on a desert road.

Something about really good indie female pop that is alluring and sexy. Oh yes, maybe it’s because they are beautiful woman singing with captivating presence intertwined within their soul of emotion that seduces us, especially me. Rose has taken her music to another echelon with depth and creativity. Lovely…

Words: Walter Burciaga


Artist: Frankie Rose
Album: Interstellar
Label: Slumberland Records
Release Date: Feb. 21, 2012