Yesterday, The XX played their first U.S. show in almost three years at the 987FM Hollywood Tower Penthouse. Those invited to their private performance were in for a very special treat as the rooftop only accommodated some 150 invited guests boasting a most intimate performance, under the beautiful California blue skies. Clad in their signature black attire, the XX looked sharp and were finely tuned to perfection. The trio captured the full attention of their fans as everyone watched their brief performance in pure awe. No words were spoken amongst the crowd except for a few sighs of admiration and gasps at how sexy-cute Oliver was as he performed. He even had quite the affect on me … In fact, the entire trio hypnotises you with their musical sweetness: Romy is a delicate doll, while Jamie xx is a magical warlock of sound — cooking up some extraordinary beats and soundscapes.

Although their 987FM performance was a small appetizer to their main course at the Fonda that evening, the XX managed to tantalize our hearts with five memorable tracks. They opened up with their gorgeous “Intro” from their self-titled debut, which seamlessly flowed into a combination of new and old songs: “Tides,” “Islands,” “Basic Space” and their newly released single, “Angels.” The performance went quick, but had a long-lasting effect. I’m sure everyone in the audience left with a smile on their face, a feeling of warmth and an insatiable urge to get down and in-between the sheets. I’m not going sugarcoat it, the XX make some seriously sexy music. They should be on everyone’s “get in the mood” playlist.

Check out our photo gallery below of the XX at the 987FM Penthouse! You can also click here to watch their live performance.

Words: Sandra Burciaga

Photography: Monique Hernandez

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