Whether you choose to express your opinion or not, there sure were a plethora of hilarious Tweets floating around the music and entertainment industries regarding the Obama vs. Romney presidential debate (part one). We’ve  captured 1o of our favorite presidential debate Tweets, along with a few Facebook updates and some meme photos. We even listed Tweets from some of our favorite L.A. bloggers/Twitterers on this list! Check them out for a good laugh below!

Do you have any to share? Comment below with your favorite Tweet from the debate and we’ll select our favorites and shout-you-out via our Twitter and Facebook! Be sure to leave your Twitter handle in the comment so we can @mention you!

  • danreilly11
    First time a black guy said to a honkey like Mitt “it’s not as big as yours”
  • msnbc
    Candy Crowley: Mr. Romney, please talk about self-deportation. Romney: No. #msnbc2012
  • chrisrockoz
    Mitt Romney is like a Best Buy employee trying to sell you something he cannot fully explain. #debate 
  • JoyVBehar
    Romney’s plan for immigrants is to make them so miserable that they will beg him to self deport #current2012
  • SarahKSilverman
    RT @MittRomney Make no mistake, I WILL SUCK YOUR DICK FOR CASH
  • Passionweiss (Los Angeles)
    Takeaway points of the debate: Barack got his groove back and Mitt Romney has Too Short-levels of binders of women. Politics, 2012.
  • danreilly11
    Note to immigrants: Do NOT say “I”m here for the gangbang” at the border
  • jakefogelnest
    Ted Nugent just shot his TV in the face.
  • Spinner
    “As the great warrior-poet Ice Cube once said, ‘If the day does not require an AK, it is good.”
  • MollyBergen (Los Angeles)
    “I think Obama should give him a wedgie” – text from my Dad

A few memorable Facebook updates from our personal pages:

  • I’m waiting for someone to yell out BABA BOOEY during this Presidential Debate! ~ Melissa D.
  • Candy Crowley just got a little more fuckable. ~ Alex K.
  • When Obama is talking, Romney makes the same face my Catholic grandmother would make at a Wiccan wedding. ~ Erin M.

Best Meme Photos for “Binders Full of Women”


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