Brooklyn four-piece, People Get Ready are a group that envelop art and movement as much as they do music. New York’s famous art house, The Kitchen, served as the base from which the band got their start in 2009 and from there they spring-boarded into a unique collaboration where they welcome contemporary dance, art and music into their world while titillating our aural senses.

Sounds like:  People Get Ready are in the same vein as Gardens and Villa and Fool’s Gold — where the percussion, guitar and vocals all shine and engage sans Hebrew lyrics. Substitute flute with quirky, electronic bursts and sprinkle in some Ozma-like pop hooks for a a record that yields prime results.

Why we like them:  People Get Ready (PGR) are made of up of Jen Goma, James Rickman, as well as Steven Reker — a touring dancer/guitarist for David Byrne and Luke Fasano, ex-member of Yeasayer. At the core they are this four-piece band but they have a superpower ability to transform into a larger being.  Whether it’s re-interpreting a section of Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’ famed opera Einstein on the Beach, or having Greg Saunier of Deerhoof re-mix their track “Disappear” for a fresh take — there is always something new and bold happening in the house of PGR.

Best Songs: “Windy City” was inspired by Cindy Sherman’s pictures, Untitled Film Stills and the breezy quality of this up-tempo, guitar and percussion driven tune, topped with whirling vocals is irresistible.  “Three Strangers” sets forth with the electronic clicks and pops that add a fun and dreamy element to an otherwise, beautifully somber song that is heavy on the haunting harmonies and percussive breakdowns.

Three words to describe them: Multi-sensory Fusion Movement!

Upcoming releases:  Self-titled full length debut drops Tuesday, October 23 on Brassland.  Check it before you wreck it!

Upcoming L.A. show dates:  Sadly none at the moment, but stay tuned.  If you feel like taking a trip to the East Coast you can check them out on 10/27 in Brooklyn, NY at Glasslands.

Have a Listen:  Peep their self-titled Watermill Residency video here and their live video playing “Uncanny” here.  Stream “Windy City” here.

People Get Ready
October 23rd, 2012