Yes, that’s Johnny Depp

Day one of Petty Fest last night at the El Rey Theatre was one hell-of-a party. From actors to musicians and comedians and show-goers — everyone in the house had a happy Jameson whiskey-induced smile form doors to close. Although this was a collaborative performance where musicians and celebrities celebrated the great music of Tom Petty by performing some of his catalog — it really felt like a warm and fuzzy party where everyone was on the same level — celebrity or not.

The lavish event treated VIPS and artists to an endless supply of aged Jameson whisky tastings, a variety of Jameson libations and some tasty eats involving Southern fried chicken, hush puppies and some other fine treats.  Tongues were quenched and tummies were happily full as everyone in the crowd danced, chatted and sang along to Petty’s hits. Regular show-goers got the chance to mingle next to some of their favorite actors and musicians — the party was on the floor, not backstage.


  • Johnny Depp made surprise appearance and sat in on five songs, whereas,  Patrick Carney of the Black Keys was behind the drum kit for only one song. I recall a fan referring to Carney as a “douche” who has let stardom go to his head.
  • Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr and Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes all took part in a variety of songs — Nick had some funky patriotic high-tops on and looked adorable. He really owned the mic for a couple songs.
  • Petter Stakee of Alberta Cross was a happy drunk. For the final song of the show where all the performers came out on stage to sing “Free Falling,” I think for a minute Stakee actually thought he was Petty as he took control of the stage. Nicole Atkins pulled him back a bit to join the rest of the musicians who were enjoying each other — you’re not the star buddy!
  • Har Mar Superstar had eyes for Sarah Silverman — Silverman took a drunken leap to the floor.
  • Cory Chisel is a babe.
  • It was Butch Walker’s birthday and all the performers were definitely celebrating. Again, happy-go-luck Stakee gave the crowd a bottle of Jameson, he also threw his tambourine into the crowd — oh, and he also stumbled into an amp before almost hitting the drums manned by Moretti.
  • AA Bondy??? Apparently he was a bit under the weather for lack of a better word (or more honest word). He did not make it to the stage … *sigh
  • Dude from The Hangover can sing! (Justin Bartha)
  • Jenny O repped Los Angeles well, you go girl!

Petty Fest was an insanely great time for everyone. We really hope you’re attending day two of Petty Fest tonight at the El Rey!


Photography: Monique Hernandez

Nick Valensi – The Strokes

Butch Walker

Sarah Silverman


Fabrizio Moretti – The Strokes

Mr. Depp



Pat Carney – Black Keys

Cory Chisel

Eagles of Death Metal

Nicole Atkins

Justin Bartha – The Hangover

Ace Harper

Albert Hammond Jr. – The Strokes

Petter Stakee

Nicole Atkins, and Sarah Silverman before she takes a fall.

Rodrigo Amarante

Captain Sparrow 😉

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