New Music—Vinyl Williams—Not Your Average Psych Band

New Music—Vinyl Williams—Not Your Average Psych Band

Los Angels-based Viny Williams, led by the 22-year-old Lionel Williams is not your average psych band from Los Angeles. While other musicians in this trending genre sound practically alike, Vinyl Williams takes a more holistic, artistic and cultured approach with his level of psychedelic influence. With elements of 80s dark wave, krautrock and Afrobeat rhythms, his music is eccentric and polished to create a foreign sound that your mind can’t help but want to explore. Aside from creating finely crafted tunes, Williams is also an accomplished visual artist with astounding original works fit to complement the style of his music. You can check out his art work, here.

Sounds like: Tame Impala meets tantric 80s-style dark wave. Vinyl Williams’ sound is mysterious and sexy; and a spiritual experience for some.

Why we like them: Vinyl Williams take you on a psychedelic trip through mysterious astral planes and “higher worlds” that stimulate your body to oozing musical grooves. His music is categorized psychedelic but remains unique from all other like-minded bands that are producing the same psych sound. With Williams, he has a much more primal niche that is heard throughout his debut album, Lemniscate. His music is Spiritually-charged with cosmic lyrics evoking a sound that is sultry yet intricate.

Best songs: “Higher Worlds” shoots you down a wormhole to another galaxy, while “Stellarscope” breathes tantric moans and floaty feelings of ecstasy through unknown chants, and “Object Of The Source” rolls fiercly with a touch of early Doors nostalgia.

Three words to describe them: sensual — mystifying — surreal

Upcoming releases: Their self-titled debut album was released Nov. 13, 2012. Check it out, here.

Upcoming L.A. show dates: Vinyl Williams headline the Bootleg Theater tonight (Nov. 30) with Moon PearlGazoota, and Astral Jubilee. They also play the Echo on Dec. 12 supporting The Soft Moon. Buy your tickets here.

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Words: Sandra Burciaga