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Just like Alice taking a trip down the rabbit hole, there is something magical and mysterious about the Deer Tracks new album, The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3. It takes you on a unique trip where beats explode into spiraling waves of majestic sound. If there was ever such a genre as “magic forest electro” (which there isn’t), the Deer Tracks would be paving the way.

Coining themselves as a “Northern Light electronic duo from Sweden,” the Deer Tracks have finally titillated our ears with the third installment of their almost mythical, Archer Trilogy. The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3 is as playful as it is soothing. There’s just something special about front-woman, Elin Lindfors’ delicate vocals. They have a touch of Bjork’s youthful and high-pitched charm while still holding dark undertones, however; Elin’s voice also has the ability to bounce. Like a delicate forest nymph tip-toeing from flower-to-flower in a Grimm’s fairytale, Elin’s voice has a child-like quality that lifts your spirits and envelops you into her electronic rainbow of sound.

Although, playful and sweet, the Deer Tracks have proven to create mature soundscapes, rich in texture and electronic beats that breathe life. The production of sound paired with Elin’s lush vocals give the Deer Tracks a most favorable balance of simplicity and complexity. The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3 is a unique blend of electro with soaring orchestra-like instrumentation. While most electro-pop ensembles all sound very similar, with happy-go-lucky hooks built for the radio—the Deer Tracks have taken an honorable risk with The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3. It’s not quite built for mainstream ears with songs that get stuck in your head like flies on honey (however, some are quite catchy). Its experimental tone gives it an artistic appeal that can be appreciated by mature minds, needless to say; Elin’s sweet vocals are appealing to all.

Three words to describe The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3Magical — Electrifying — Lovely

This album would go well with: a long forest hike on beautiful sunny day where hills run green with life and trees whisper secrets. Also, this new album is great background music for a dinner date or just relaxing in a hip lounge.

Favorite songs: Pushing six minutes, “Divine Light” takes you on an electronic journey through an unknown land of vibrant colors and lights. March along to the beat and you just may see a unicorn in this trippy, atmospheric digital soundscape of suspenseful adventure. After a few bursts of playful, almost baby-like sounds coming from the sweet vocal chords of Elin, “Astral Ship” quickly morphs into a colorful electro-pop ditty. But, “Lazarus” is the real gem that will get stuck in your head. It soars with a beautiful chorus and you just can’t help but sing-along as the electronic beats and feral percussion take you away. Great song.

Upcoming Show Dates: The Deer Tracks will play a FREE show this Friday, March 22 at the One Eyed Gypsy with L.A. favorites, Magic Wands. RSVP to the event here! For more Deer Tracks tour dates, click here.

Words: Sandra Burciaga


the deer tracks album Archer Trilogy pt 3

Artist: The Deer Tracks
Album: The Archer Trilogy Pt. 3
Release Date: Feb. 12, 2013
Label: The Control Group

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