Grimy Cartoons: Did You See the NEW Grimy Goods?

New Grimy Goods Music Blog

Artwork by Ryan Bussard


As you know, got a HUGE make-over this past Monday. From the logo we revealed a few weeks ago, to a brand spanking-new Website design, and a new tagline to support our rebrand — Grimy Goods is now “L.A.’s premier music lifestyle blog.”

Grimy Goods will continue to deliver its existing musical content that its readers have grown to love, but it’s now spiced up with new material including fashion and lifestyle content. All of this goodness still ties in music, after all — that is the lifestyle we live.

Last week I tweeted and made a Facebook update that read: “We all live a music lifestyle. All of us. That means you too.”  Judging by the response from our readers, we all pretty much feel the same way. The music obsession I share with other Angelenos goes beyond the venues we spend time in discovering new and more established acts. Our love of music is a driving force that affects what bars we frequent, the restaurants at which we eat, the clothes we wear, and beyond. I want Grimy Goods to be the leading source for all those who enjoy living a music lifestyle.

If you love our existing show and event giveaways now, get ready for some restaurant/bar and fashion-based giveaways, along with some other cool stuff. Not to mention, the past year I was experimenting with content, and the numbers and reactions have spoken. Grimy Goods plans to deliver more original features and interview content designed to spark conversation through the Grimy Goods community of readers. Whether positive or negative, I love hearing what you guys have to say — even from the smart-ass think-they-know-it-alls, the haters, the creepy stalkers, the kiss-asses — and most of all, from the readers that LOVE Grimy Goods and take part in discussion whether through social media platforms or commenting on our blog. Yeah, I do love all your banter and welcome it — just as you all keep amused with my random banter, which I know can be very sassy at times. I don’t like filters … catch the Grimy Goods Twitter feed or Instagram on a tipsy night when I’m bored and lonely, and you’ll see what I mean (if you haven’t already).

I hope you all dig the new look, I know I’m fuckin’ stoked. You know when you’re crushing (lurking) on someone and you can’t stop looking at their Facebook photos, that’s how I feel about the new Grimy Goods. She’s my new crush. I have to give a big thanks to my designer, Mitch and my developer, Alex. These guys kicked some serious grimy ass and I couldn’t have gifted my blog with a better fiver-year anniversary gift. I’d also like to thank my amazing Grimy crew of contributors — they’re are just the best; a truly talented bunch that have helped make Grimy Goods what it is today.

This snazzy new Grimy Goods is also just the beginning. We have a couple other pleasant surprises that will launch this summer. And for those of you wondering — yes, of course we’re going to have a thrashing party to celebrate all this goodness. Grimy Goods will celebrate its rebranding with a launch party later this summer in Los Angeles featuring live acts that are not to be missed, and some other special treats. Stay tuned for more details. Until then, “kick out the jams” with the new Grimy Goods.

P.S. – To our family, friends, and readers — your positive feedback has been wonderful and greatly appreciated.  <3


Sandra Burciaga

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