New Music Video: MGMT – Cool Song No. 2


MGMT at First City Festival – Photo: Luis Rodriguez

Today, MGMT have released their heavily anticipated self-titled album. The new album proceeds their sophomore effort, Congratulations, which was released in 2010. To celebrate their new album, MGMT have shared a new music video for their song “Cool Cog No. 2,” which as you can imagine by its meta track title, it is indeed the second song on the record, and a very trippy one at that!

MGMT’S video for “Cool Song No. 2” features and intimidating Michael K. Williams from “The Wire”. There’s beatdowns, fast cars, more beatdowns, sexy chemists, and more. Check out the video for yourself below!

MGMT have announced a slew of tour dates, we feel an L.A. date coming soon — wait for it …

Click here to check out our photo of MGMT’s recent set at First City Festival!

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