So what’s it like to get married at the GRAMMYS in front of the music industry’s biggest names along with 28.5 million viewers (including Pharrell’s hat). We receive a lot of nice emails and Facebook messages from our readers, but it isn’t often we get a message from an avid Grimy Goods reader that got married at the GRAMMYS! When Los Angeles local, Wendy Flores (Diaz) messaged us that that her and her girlfriend Monique got married at the GRAMMYS and wanted to share their beautiful experience with us, we were all about it. Below is Wendy’s letter detailing her amazing wedding experience at the 2014 GRAMMYS. It’s pretty damn amazing and beautiful. Check it out.

We met two years ago and have been inseparable since. We met through a mutual friend and have had so many obstacles to overcome to get where we are now: Married! The struggles were well worth it. As Hispanic females we both struggled with the “coming out” to our families and friends. The Hispanic culture in general is very religious and roots in machismo. Our culture has come a long way and we both have faith that they along with the rest of the world will come to understand that love is blind.

We found out about “a special event for engaged same sex couples” through a Craigslist posting. We had gotten engaged in April and figured why not, let’s see what this is all about. We sent in our photo and our story and received a response. This was about a month ago. We were immediately sworn to secrecy by signing confidentiality agreements and were given only a few details. We weren’t given all information until the rehearsal day when we actually got to see what was going on! Our families found out that night.

The experience can only be explained as surreal. Monique and I are pretty quiet people and had already planned a very intimate boho ceremony in Big Sur this summer. So to go from that extreme to getting married live on national televison with millions of viewers watching was very nerve wrecking in the hours leading up to the wedding. We are both strong advocates for equality and were at the West Hollywood Rally in support when the law for same sex marriage passed in California. To be able to say we were not only marrying our best friend, just like any other couple has, but to also be a part of a political and civil rights movement is something that fills our hearts. We met amazing couples of different sexual orientations, colors, religions, and ages and can say they are now some of the people we will forever share a bond with. It was a pleasure and privilege.

How many married couples can say they got married on national television, at the Grammys, with 28.5 million viewers, by Queen Latifah, with Macklemore & Ryan and Madonna singing at their wedding??!! We had a standing ovation, with Keith Urban and Katy Perry crying, Paul Mccartney, Beyonce and Jay-Z congratulating us. And to top it off, we attended the official Grammy party where we danced to Boys to Men!


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