David Beckham h&m commercial photos super bowl

1. DAVID BECKHAM — While this may have been one of the worst games in Super Bowl History, we can’t deny that all the action was in David Beckham, and not on the field. From horny housewives to jealous men, watching Beckham strip down to nearly naked in an H&M commercial was the most excitement about Super Bowl 2014. I think we can all say that David Beckham was the ultimate winner of the Super Bowl. Watch his sexy H&M commercial here and prepare to tingle. P.S. “Nobody But Me” by the late 60s garage rockers, The Human Beinz was also a pretty rad part of this commercial.

3. AWESOME SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS — Gone are the days of boring television commercials, this year’s Super Bowl had some top-notch commercials that either warmed your heart or made you laugh with nostalgia. A couple highlights were: Radio Shack’s “The Phone Call” — it was an 80s wet dream;  Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” — every animal lover just about died over the cuteness overload; Dannon Oikos, “The Spill” — Uncle Jesse, Joey Gladstone and Danny Tanner; and Go Daddy’s “Bodybuilder” was a hilarious WTF. With commercials like these, even Don Draper would be jealous.

3. TOO-COOL-TO-WATCH-THE-SUPER-BOWL-FACEBOOK-UPDATES — I’m too cool to watch the Super Bowl, therefore I’m posting on Facebook about how I’m working on my music, art or another creative endeavor. We get it. You’re such an artist and way too unique to take part in anything so mainstream and corpo such as the Super Bowl; so creative and cool that you had to broadcast it on the corpo social entities of Facebook and Twitter. A lot of us creative types could care less about the Super Bowl, but we still attend the parties to see family and friends, and don’t find the need to make an announcement that we are not watching the Super Bowl to specifically work on a creative project. Give me a fuckin’ break.

4. SUPER BOWL FATTY FOOD — Your gluten-free diet and calorie counting goes out the door on Super Bowl Sunday. All the delicious fatty foods at the Super Bowl are one of the prime reasons people attend Super Bowl parties. From foie gras and caprese burger competitions, to fancy mac ‘n’ cheese dishes and buffalo chicken dip, it’s okay to be a glutton on Super Bowl Sunday. Just be sure to juice and hit the gym hard the following day like every other girl in Los Angeles.

5. PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN — The death of this amazing actor came as an unpleasant shock to everybody. This was some serious lame news we did not want to hear. Hoffman was found dead in the bathroom of his Greenwich Village apartment with a hypodermic needle in his left and five empty heroin envelopes in the trash. It was an awful tragedy. From his Oscar winning role in “Truman Capote” to his rock critic radness in “Almost Famous” — we loved the many unique rolls that Hoffman so wonderfully performed. He was a favorite.

What were you favorite and worst Super Bowl moments? Let us know in a comment below!