Man Crush Monday: Josh Homme

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He’s dapper, he’s rock ‘n’ roll and he’s a straight up awesome guy. Queens of the Stone Age front-man, Josh Homme breaks the rule of the “ugly-red-headed-step-child” because he’s one hot ginger who’s bones we’d love to jump. The 40-year-old rock musician, multi-instrumentalist and record producer is a Southern California native (born in Joshua Tree!) and we tend to see him at shows in Los Angeles when he’s not touring. Hitting both major and underground acts, Homme is always a kind and nice fellow, not hiding from his fans and sure to smile when you spot him in public. Also a current member of Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures and The Desert Sessions, Homme is a lover of producing music of all sorts — the man never quits. Not to mention, as delightful as he can be, he’s also quite the badass and knows when to speak his mind. Most recently, after the GRAMMYS cut QOTSA short from the live broadcast, the rockstar then took his grief to stage. At a recent performance at the Las Vegas rock group, Homme lashed out saying: “This next song is by Imagine Dragons…just fucking kidding … Wait, wait, wait, you’ve got to admit, you’re all imagining dragons right now … You know, fuck everything, fuck the man, fuck Imagine Dragons, fuck the Grammys, fuck all this shit.

Gawd, we love a man that has the balls to tell it how it is.

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