The Casket Girls at the Echo: a rather disappointing performance

The Casket Girls made their Echo debut last night. Their show was less than spectacular. Unless you are into drunken singers, singing off key, doing awkward interpretive dance, and sounding nothing like their studio recordings, this wasn’t the show for you. Sorry, but they just were not what we expected. And just out of sheer observation, are your long blonde locks real? The Casket Girls looked as though they were wearing wigs, which I find odd considering it’s a huge part of their visual press campaign. Their new record, True Love Kills The Fairy Tale is a pretty good album, unfortunately it mislead us with their live show. Let’s just hope this was a one-off amateur snafu for these small-town Southern girls finally getting a taste of Los Angeles. Yes, we know, our great city of East Hollywood and all its surrounding hipsters is just so damn intimidating … (sarcasm). Can we take back the Woman Crush Wednesday feature we gave to the casket girls? Sorry, but we were expecting an intriguing performance, and by the looks of the crowd’s reaction and snark, they did not seem to enjoy the show either.

Thankfully, the opening bands, the Stargazer LilliesDott, and Dreamend, (a local grimy goods favorite) all played well. As for the Casket Girls, the next time you come back to our neck of the woods, please leave the shit show at home and bring your A-game proper. We are sure you gals can do it, and we’d be down to check you out again so this disappointing performance can be behind us all.

Photos by Ryan Bussard

Words by Ryan Bussard & Sandra Burciaga

The Casket Girls

The Stargazer Lillies





2 thoughts on “The Casket Girls at the Echo: a rather disappointing performance

  1. Jim

    Saw them for the first time tonight… the first song was ok… but the ”High-school’ theatrics made me grimace… I sincerely enjoyed the music, but the show has been done so many times… I tried to enjoy the “girliness” of it, but couldn’t help but think of “St. Vincent.” I’m glad they captured and immortalized what it’s like to be a 16 year old girl…

  2. Logan

    Agreed on all points. From their album to their looks everything about casket girls was misleading. I’m so confused.

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