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Los Angeles hometown heroes, Foster The People have been creating quite the buzz for the release of their sophomore album, Supermodel. As the follow-up to their immensely acclaimed 2011 debut album Torches, a lot of high expectations have been set for their second full-length record. As a concept album, Supermodel features common and heavy themes of negativity towards modern popular culture and consumer ideology. Just like their break-out single “Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster The People have a knack for making ugly topics sound so damn catchy and delicious. Foster The People’s new album Supermodel is set for release on March 18th via Columbia Records, but you can stream it now via iTunes. With a much more mature tone and importing instruments and various sounds from different cultures around the world, will Foster The People maintain that “perfect pop record” sound? You tell us.


Foster the people supermodel album cover

Foster the People will perform at both weekends of Coachella this April. They also have a local Coachella date scheduled for Tuesday, April 8 at the Fox Theater Pomona.