Rest In Peace Reggae Pops, forever East Hollywood’s most loved music man

Today is a sad day in the Los Angeles music scene as our favorite man of music, Reggae Pops has passed away. We knew the day was was coming, but it’s still so hard to finally see that day come.

Our photographer, Farah Sosa knew Reggae Pops very well, as he was at just about every event she was covering. This Sunday would have been his 71st birthday. Reggae Pops had stage four pancreatic cancer and seemed to be doing better a month ago, but after an unfortunate hit-and-run accident his health took a turn for the worse. Farah shared with us Reggae Pops’ favorite quote: “May the almighty bless with a wonderful life filled with plenty good.” Now that’ some wise words to live by.

I remember the first time I met Reggae Pops. It was at the Silverlake Jubilee in 2012 and my girlfriends and I were having a blast dancing. Naturally, being the charming and lively awesome old man that he was, Reggae Pops immediately gravitated towards us and started to bust a move with us. The old man had some serious moves and grooves, and such a beautiful aura radiating about him. This man loved music, meeting new people, and he is the perfect example of how one should celebrate life. If you frequent the L.A. underground music scene, any reggae and Latin events and / or Subsuelo — we’re sure you’ve been blessed with meeting Reggae Pops. If so, share your memory by commenting below about the first time you met or saw Reggae Pops.

R.I.P. Reggae Pops, and keep on smiling and dancing in the beautiful afterlife.

Reggae Pops at the UCLA Jazz and Reggae Fest — Photo by Farah Sosa

reggae pops photos

Reggae Pops at Nick Waterhouse and Boogaloo Assassins at Santa Monica Pier — Photos by Farah Sosa

reggae pops photos

reggae pops photos

3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Reggae Pops, forever East Hollywood’s most loved music man

  1. Aileen aka aye_lean

    My heart is heavy. Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me as I celebrated my 30th. I broke down thinking about Reggae Pops being called above the clouds on my birthday. I invited him to my 30nera (which is happening next Saturday) He said he would be there. I was excited to dance with him. The first time I seen him I was like look at this old man getting down. After seeing him I said I want to grow up to be just like him. He will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you Reggae Pops for sharing your smile, dance moves and love with all of us!

  2. Joanna

    As I just commented on FB – This man had more spirit and spunk than most people I’ve met all put together. You will be missed, Pops.. for you sure did understand what it meant to be enthusiastically ALIVE. I hope to be inspired by your example till the day the sun eventually sets on my life as well.

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