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Apogee MiC96k_Singer

UPDATE: We will select our winner on Saturday, April 19th.

The fine folks at Apogee have hooked us up with an Apogee MiC 96k to gift one lucky artist. Normally, our giveaways cater to our average reader, which most are not singers or musicians aspiring to become the next big indie sensation. This time we’re flipping the switch and rolling out an awesome giveaway strictly for musicians, singers, and other creative artists that would make great use of this high-quality mic. Maybe you sing in a band, or do voice-overs, create videos, or have a podcast that will greatly benefit from winning this state-of-the-art mic.

Apogge MiC96k_iPhone

The Apogee MiC 96k gives you that big-studio microphone sound in a small portable package. The mic is optimized for the latest Apple iOS devices and you can easily use it on your iPad, iPhone and Mac while still boasting that crisp studio sound. Apogee has carefully designed each part of MiC 96k to deliver the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone. And best of all, it all fits nicely in your pocket or purse. The Apogee MiC 96k is valued at $229 with its accessories at $59.95. Win this mic with us below and bank that $290 you’ll be saving for another creative project. Check more of the Apogee MiC 96k’s product details!


1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter here and/or “like” our Facebook page here.

2. Next, leave a comment on this post letting us know why we should award you with the Apogee MiC 96k and what you will be using it for. If you’re in a band, provide us with a link to your music, if you have a podcast, let us know what it’s about. Basically, just fill us in on how this mic will help your creative efforts. Be sure to leave your valid email address when leaving a comment so we can notify you of your win. Email addresses are kept private and are not seen by the public. We will select winners on Thursday, April 17th! Winners will need to reply to our email by 10am Friday, April 18th. to confirm their win.

3. When you’re done with your comment, send us a Tweet (see below) or you can post on our Facebook wall.

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34 thoughts on “Win an Apogee MiC 96k — big studio sound in a small package

  1. Kevin Campos

    Well hey there, My name’s Kevin, I record music using the moniker, Laurel Blossom.

    I actually record everything myself in my bedroom a la Kevin Parker (Tame Impala).

    I’d love a Apogee MiC 96k to record some kickass vocals, currently none of my songs have vocals because I’m in dire need of a solid vocal microphone! I’ve been told my music sounds like something Drake would sing over, and I feel I deserve a chance to have my voice heard before people say that, although it’s a nice compliment!

    I hope to record soon so people can start listening to my music, and I have high hopes of playing festivals and shows around the world!
    I’m infatuated with the glamour of pop music.

    you can check out my music here:)
    I have more coming soon!!

  2. Andrea Sartori

    Hi, I’m an Italian voice talent and I usually work in my home studio with a ONE and I love it. I also often travel through Italy and Europe, so MIC 96k combined with my iPad and Garage Band would be perfect to have a real globe-trotting-studio. I would love to be an Apogee testimonial as I’m 100% satisfied and enthusiast!

  3. Elliott Marx

    I record and release my own quirky musical theater songs, I am passionate about doing this. I am equally passionate about my day job as a special education teacher in the local public school system. A microphone of this caliber, is something that I could not afford.With it, I will be better able to satisfy my artistic goals. Professional quality microphones make a major difference toward cleaning up the audio experience. I would not take a prize like this for granted.
    My one-man-band is called Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire, here is one of my recent songs:

    I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the consideration.

  4. awolfe

    Grimy Goods, I need this mic package! I tell stories for NPR shows and make films with experimental sound elements, and I want to use this mic to record and produce my own podcasts, and also to record my music and sound elements for scoring films. This would make my life so much easier, because I wouldn’t have to pull favors to borrow various devices from friends, and I could do it all on my own. Please, please, please! I will tell the world how amazing Apogee is!

  5. Jim.Morgan

    I am a morning radio personality. We are trending toward recording live breaks when we are on location, and emailing to the station. Quality is of utmost importance. Your digital gear is so awesome it would make it sound like we traveled with a complete studio! I am also a guitarist and could really use the professional interface for my iPad! Everything would fit in a backpack which I love! Very impressed with your online demos and videos. I want it! Bad!

  6. Brandon Cobb

    Hi my name is Brandon Cobb from Chicago or as it’s called “Chi-Raq” for the killings of our youth.

    I have a voice of peace and righteousness on the hip-hop side of this city. I want to do a album-

    documentary on kickstarter of positive change from negativity in Chicago’s youth.

    The #ApogeeMiC96K will lead the revolution along side of my iPhone 5s in making history…

    Recording my music and going mobile into the streets of Chicago allowing the city to express itself through the #APOGEEMiC96K.

    For more info. Check my video on YouTube B.COBB/HOLLYWOOD soundcloud/BCOBB. Album I.O.U.<3.

  7. Dan May

    Hi guys! I would love to win this mic for my home recordings which are primarily made up of acoustic guitar and vocals recorded on a Mac using Garageband and Logic Pro. I have heard great things about Apogee mics and I think winning this mic would be a great introduction to the company. An example of my music is here:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Eldon Powles

    My wife is amazing at writing kids stories and i have nagged and nagged her to create interactive kids books for the iPad. My 4 year old girl has a real raspy, studio voice. If you were so kind enough to give me the mic to record my 4 year old girl record the voice over for my wives ebooks then perhaps this will drive her to start them. As the quality of an internal iPhone mic doesn’t really cut the mustard compared to this fantastic mic.

  9. Ross Varrette

    Hi First reason I think I would be a good candidate for the Apogee MiC 96k is April 17 is my birthday and I’ll be turning 23, Second I play for a church called the Rock Family Worship Center, Third am in the beginning stages of recording and could use the mic for vocals and acoustic instrumentation. you can check my history 4/17 really is my birthday and my to hear some of my older stuff. Thanks 🙂

  10. Juliet Wong

    Hi Grimy Goods!
    Always love your posts and music coverage. This mic would give me the ability to record and release quality recordings to help interested folks follow my creative process. I’ve been told the mic I’m using at home is too bright for my voice. I need something better than what I got at Best Buy years ago and am focusing on paying off mounds of debt so left to my own devices, I probably wouldn’t get such a wonderful mic for myself. Thanks for such a nice offer and good luck to everyone with their music and projects!
    -Anime Wong for the project Surely Lorraine

  11. Dimitri Piechel

    Well, I would really like to win this Apogée Mic because I’m starting to record artists interviews at concerts and events for a local radio and it would be a very great to tool to work with, no doubt. I know well the quality of Apogée products since I’m using the Apogée One in my music studio, so… Mic would come as a perfect addition. Since everyone may have a good reason to win Mic, I’ll know cross fingers in hope to be the winner 🙂 Peace everyone.

  12. Cherry

    I’m a singer and songwriter and would really love to get my music recorded.
    I spend all of my free time singing and writing songs in my bedroom and have written over 100 songs so far.
    I want to be able to connect and touch people with my music. I want what I write to mean something to someone else. I want people to be able to relate to my songs and find other ways out of the troubles they’re facing through my songs.
    Music is a beautiful thing and it’s meant to be shared with others and not only kept to yourself in silence. If you have got something to say music is a great way to get it out and I feel like through music is the only way I can really speak my mind and say what I really feel. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I never would have discovered music and I wouldn’t have the friends that I have today so it’s a really important part of my life and has been since I was about 6 years old. I remember watching people sing on the TV and thinking that I wanted to be like them and being able to record my music would be a big step on the way to achieving what I’ve for so long have dreamt of.
    I would love to win this giveaway, it would really mean a lot to me.

  13. Alva

    I’m a singer/songwriter/producer and my big dream is to make a living out of music. As a student it’s hard to get money so I can’t really afford to buy my own michrophone no matter how much I save.
    I wanna be able to someday reach out to people around the world through my music, do gigs, go places and meet people.
    I have written over 200 songs and I would love to be able to record them and share them with the world so this microphone would be amazing to win.

  14. Randy F

    My wife makes her living as a voice over artist and this mic and accessories would make her life and mine a million times easier! Happy wife, happy life. Thank you for the consideration, Grimy Goods!

  15. Victoria Otazo

    I got accepted to a music program. I will put this to good use in recording of self and others. please generously give it to me and I will put it to good use. thank you.

  16. Brandon Docherty

    Hi Grimy Goods!
    I know I’m entering the day you guys are picking winners of this glorious mic but I figured I’d give it a shot…
    PLEASEE PLEASE PLEASE let me win this microphone! I am a rapper on the come up currently working on a new mixtape and I can’t do much with the not so good microphone that I have now… I’m currently on a budget and am using a cheapy 20$ microphone.. Please help me live my dreams, I’m a 19-year-old aspiring rapper hoping to make his dreams come true and a microphone is definitely what I need to jump start the blueprint I got going…
    Not only do I plan to record music with the microphone, but I also plan to make videos via YouTube because many of my friends think of me as a comedian so I want to get into making vlogs.. I would put this microphone to GREAT use if I had it and if I had the money I really would buy it.. Please let me win this microphone I would love you guys so much. One day, I hope to be big in some way whether it be through my music or through my videos and maybe one day I’ll be on the front page of Grimy Goods! I really got my fingers crossed.. I was planning to enter a few days ago however my internet has been down and I’ve been going through some real life crises but I really do hope that I have some luck today and win this microphone..
    Thank you guys for all the opportunities you guys provide
    I can be reached via twitter at @_BDOC or my email
    My soundcloud is
    and my youtube channel is

    Thank you

  17. Julia Homg

    Hey Grimy Goods. I’m a solo artist who just loves music. As cliche as that sounds, it’s absolutely true. As a student, money is hard to comeby and so in the free time that I have, these giveaway chances seem like heaven. I have a voice and instrument skills, but do not have a way to show it off through videos and such. Winning this opportunity would be amazing and rewarding. My name is Julia and I want to thank you for holding this opportunity! Thank you again!!

  18. Venus

    Hi! I’m a really hardworking artist and would be so happy and grateful if I won. Everyday after I come home from school I go straight to my room to write songs and produce music, it’s basically all I do on my freetime ’cause it’s what I love and want to spend the rest of my life with.
    I don’t have the money to buy myself a michrophone and if I would save it would take about 3,5 years until I could afford to buy one that isn’t crappy.
    This would be an amazing oppartunity for me and my music!

  19. Ben b

    I could REALLY use this mic to record some music and create a sound cloud page. My iPhone isn’t the greatest, but this Apogee mic is! Please help my dreams come true.

  20. jenny

    This would be the perfect gift for my best friend. He is such a damn good write and talented musician. I would love to surprise him with this Apogee mic so he can record his music and get signed!

  21. Kyra Huete

    I’m helping the production of a Latin@ American cultural theater performance at my university, and this tool will definitely amp up the quality of an already colorful community production 🙂 I am also a singer and aspiring songwriter, for perks and accessibility/distribution! Lovelovelove your site~

  22. Andrew

    Hey Grimy Goods! If you gave me that mic I would use it to start a podcast with me and my dog called To the Paw where we would talk all the issues inflicting dogs today; Ticks, the silent sucker. Mailman, friend or foe? That loud sound outside and what that means for your walk today.

    You know, stuff like that.


  23. ajsmth

    I have this couple that lives above me somewhere in my small apartment complex that have some real rib-tickling, hysterical and completely annoying fights. Every week. I want to record them and leave said recordings at their door so they can hopefully understand 1) the volume of their arguments and 2) the lack of logic both use while trying to win their arguments. You could be saving two unhappy people from each other.

  24. Will

    This is actually the mic I’ve been wanting to buy but it’s a bit too expensive at the moment. I’m saving for it, but figured if give this contest a try. I hope I win so I can start recording new music. Thanks!

  25. Celina

    Hi Grimy Goods! I’m 17, and one day I aspire to be a singer one day and I think this would be a jump start to what I’m trying to accomplish. I would use this mic to start posting covers on YouTube and on Soundcloud. It’s so convenient to be able to just plug this in into my iPhone and be able to record. I seen this contest announcement and I just had to enter because ya never know… God bless!

  26. Julio Martinez

    Among the many things we need, this mic would be an amazing gift for me and my band. We just formed one month ago! Please help us record music so we can email it to you in the hopes of getting features on Grimy Goods because it’s the only LA blog that matters!

  27. MIKE TV

    I SO NEED THIS MIC! I’ve started my own video business and I find myself often borrowing mics or renting them to produce videos for people. Sometimes they’re interview, sometimes they’re music vides, and I always need a mic!

  28. Sam

    First I’d like to say that I love Grimy Goods! You’re my favorite music blog and check it everyday. I love to sing and fiddle with samples. I think tho mic would be great way for me to begin recording a collection of my experimental music to help me build some online pages to showcase my recordings. Thanks!

  29. Dennis Asenjo

    Hoping to add more features to a music site I run The shotgun mic I have doesn’t help create the product I’m hoping to present.
    Wanting to start:
    – Video album reviews
    – Band Interviews
    – Weekly Podcasts – exposing touring acts and an updated concert calendar, and commentary on the live music experience.
    This Apogee MiC 96k would be perfect for interviewing bands even in a spur of the moment, side of the venue set up.

  30. Emily

    I’m about to start my own weekly podcast about fashion! I got to FIDM and have been searching for mic, but they’re all very expensive for a student on a budget. This mic would help me and my friends immensely! I’m inspired by you Grimy Goods! Happy 6 year anniversary by the way! Please help out another girl with a dream.

  31. Anthony Gonzzalez

    Hey Grimy Goods! I’m in a band called from Pomona called The Brewsters, and we record a ton of music and share it all the time. You can check it out here: . We try and put out as much music as frequently as we can. We’re currently recording our first tape in my garage.

    This mic looks really cool and would be perfect for recording or taking to our shows for recording live albums. It’s way more portable and convenient than taking any conventional gear to record with.

    Anyways, thanks for always having the best contests. I got to see Ray Davies thanks to you!

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