HAIM the darlings of Coachella day one


The aptly-described “three sisters and a mister”, Valley band HAIM rocked their set just prior to the sun setting on day one of Coachella weekend two.

HAIM’s live show sounds a smidge different from their studio work. It’s more rock than R&B, a rock n roll Wilson Phillips if you will. Surprisingly, oldest sister Este toned down the Blink-182 style between song banter, restricting most of her talk to how crazy it was for them to be playing the festival after a decade as just attendees. The talented trio of sisters proved Friday night why all three are the type of girls you’d want to bring home to your mom. Danielle is killer on the guitar and she possesses an attractive high amount of confidence. Youngest sister Alana has the best moves as she swayed back and forth while playing the keyboards and also banging a drum on occasion.

Eight months ago, the bubble was just about to burst and their weekend two Coachella set proves that HAIM has officially arrived and they’re not going anywhere too soon. When you see a large group of men singing they’re “tired of fighting the good fight” to HAIM’s “Forever”, you know they’re something special. Over the past few months you can see the improvements they’ve made in tightening up their live set and more than anything, they’re just enjoyable to watch because it is so obvious they themselves are having an incredible time. That energy was transferred smoothly to the crowd, who probably rode that momentum late into the night.

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Words: Mark E. Ortega

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