Future Islands help give Saturday crowd their second wind

Futue Islands Coachella 2014 photos

Saturday, Baltimore synth pop trio Future Islands helped give Coachella weekend two attendees their second wind at the Gobi stage as their dance-fueled tunes got people up off the floor and back to moving their feet.

A 9 p.m. set is right around the time many people hit a wall at a music festival, having been drinking or ingesting a wide variety of substances since the sun beat down on them early in the afternoon. Anyone who went into the Gobi tent for their set with their head hanging a bit was instead moving it to the unique voice of Samuel T. Herring and his interesting on stage antics.

Herring doesn’t look the part of a burgeoning musician, but it is his charisma on stage that helps drive their performance. He’s got great dance moves and also uses his throaty delivery in songs to get people even more riled up.

Those that took in Future Islands were much more likely to make it to the finish line on Saturday as they more or less injected adrenaline into everyone that showed up for the party.

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Words: Mark E. Ortega

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