Hot New Band Alert: The Shy Lips — bringing back the indie invasion

The Shy

The Shy Lips may be the next big name we have heard that resembles that first blissful burst of the early indie invasion. And to top it all off, they’re from Gothenburg, Sweden. We all remember around that time the heyday of The Strokes, The Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys, right? We were infatuated with the new sound these bands were bringing: Indie rock that you could dance to that was achieved through the use of catchy lyrics, and sung with gritty, fast-paced vocals. That right there is what The Shy Lips are all about.

Adam Johansson (vocals) and Victor Pettersson (bass) first met at Adam’s birthday party, where they bonded over the only song they knew how to play: Bob Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero”. Upon this encounter, both men decided to start a band together along with Alex Lisinski (guitar) and Anton Ekedahl (drums). In a matter of six months, The Shy Lips released their first self-titled EP, featuring the catchy upbeat song “When I Get Down From the Mountain” (à la Arctic Monkeys). 2013 brought the melody infused EP, Nowadays, released with an accompanying self-titled single of poppy guitar hooks and steady drum tempos.

2014 has a bright outlook for The Shy Lips, as they have already set out for their European tour today!

A new single has also been dropped via SoundCloud and Spotify. “She Was Born In Bahia” is a burst of drum pounding pop hooks, prevailing bass strings, and an attitude that is far from being shy. Check it out below! In addition, the band are also set to release another single, “That’s where I belong” on April 28th and will be producing the video for “She Was Born In Bahia”, here in the lovely city of Los Angeles. Let’s hope the bands books a gig while recording in L.A.! It would be great to see these indie babes live.

Words: Brissa Sanchez

Listen to The Shy Lips new single, “She Was Born In Bahia“.

Listen to The Shy Lips Nowadays EP.

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