Hot New Band Alert: SOS — experimental pop that takes you on a sultry cinematic journey


By far one of the most innovative and sensual sounding albums of this year, is set to be released by Portland’s hot new band, SOS. Comprised of singer Randa Leigh and producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Vincent, the duo blend an awesome aura of experimental R&B and pop that is perfect for the airwaves as well as the big screen.

Leigh and Vincent met in college and furthered their relationship through the mutual agreement that creating music was much better than sitting behind a desk. SOS is the abbreviation of the duo’s first music project and the start of a new sound. The pair will release their self-titled debut album on September 16 via Crash Avenue. It’s a sultry and lulling album composed of nine tracks that will make you wanna dance, love and just be you.

While you wait on the album, you can listen to SOS’s new single “Youth In Decline” below. The song features one of the most cinematic introductions coated with atmospheric sounds, airy vocals and a deep, almost demonic voice that tries luring you into the darkness. It’s a luscious song about letting go and young adult recklessness, something most 20-somethings have dealt with at some point in their self-discovery. The fact that the song ends with a soft tinkling melody, leads you to believe that a subtle amount of innocence still exists.

While we don’t want to spill all the beans about how great SOS’s entire debut record is, once the album hits the streets we highly recommend you listen to the sexy and confident “She Wants”, as well as the fun electro pop number, “Dead or Alive”. The entire album is a whirlwind of hits, but the aforementioned three songs are definitely favorites.

Interesting Tidbit:
SOS’ Website features an array of artists including A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Brandy, Bow Wow, and even the model Alek Wek. Essentially, these images served as a mood board in guiding the band towards bringing life into their album.

Three Words to Describe SOS:  Experimental — Sexy — Thrilling

Upcoming Shows:
Currently SOS is deciding exactly when to tour, but has promised to have several dates in the fall. You won’t want to miss their performance when they hit Los Angeles!

Words: Brissa Sanchez

1. Light
2. Youth In Decline
3. Gorgeous
4. Dead or Alive
5. sheWants
6. Secrets
7. iLikethatURnice
8. withYou
9. Bleeding Heart

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