Lykke Li’s official music video for “Gunshot” has fans confused. Dressed like a Downtown LA street goth with creepy Marilyn Manson-esque make-up, she does an artistic dance as she gets pushed around by a variety of street kids. And then she walks through a group of urban booties twerking up a storm while dirt bikes raise mayhem. Is supposed to be post apocalyptic or interpretive dance with a “deeper” meaning? And what’s the point? We really don’t know. But judging by the comments going around from fans, they think it’s pretty stupid. That twerking bit really threw us off and felt right up Miley Cyrus’ alley. Not sure why Lykke Li would jump on that train when there are so many better and interesting ways to depict an urban culture.

Lykke Li has an L.A. date at the Hollywood Palladium on Sept. 14. Get your tickets.

Watch Lykke Li’s new video for “Gunshot” below.

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