NSFW: Lana Del Rey Featured in a Disturbing Rape Scene in Unreleased Marilyn Manson Video Directed by Eli Roth

lana del rey rap scene directed eli roth

The king of shock value, Marilyn Manson, is either fishing for attention to be relevant in music again or has just been caught taking part in a very shocking and disturbing video (Who, Marilyn Manson? No way!). Remember that crazy slasher film “Hostel” (watch the trailer below), that made backpackers kind of rethink their around-the-world trips? Well, the director of the film (Eli Roth) has also been hiding some other dark videos in his vault. Footage has been released of a video directed by Roth which features Marilyn Manson, Lana Del Rey in a rape scene, and a bunch of other strange oddities.

According to Pitchfork, last year, Roth was interviewed by Larry King, and said he’d shot footage with Manson and Del Rey. “The footage is so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year,” he said. Manson’s camp is claiming this footage was not filmed for a Manson music video or specific project.

With all the sensitivity today with issues involving women (catcalling, online dating shame, etc.) and a rise in feminism — we’re not surprised Manson’s camp would want anything to do with this video (even though it clearly shows Manson in a strange dinner scene). And why on earth would Lana Del Rey agree to such smut? Perhaps she was told it was “art” — we wouldn’t be surprised if she fell for that, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if she just jumped on an Eli Roth-directed video just for more fame. I’m sure her female fans and many feminists are going to create a fuss about this video and her involvement. Seriously though, what’s the point of this video?

Watch the video below.

Sturmgruppe 2013 Reel (Short Film) Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson HD

The Hostel Movie Trailer


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