Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While it’s a time to give thanks, it’s also a time to be a glutton. “Merica has been barging it up since 1621 and nothing will stop us from the joys of heavy consumption and food comas. This year you may want to consider lowering your caloric intake (well, maybe just a little) and increasing your music intake. From hip hop to punk rock, plenty of bands have paid homage to their favorite foods and we’d like to thank them for it. Warning: This post may cause unquenchable hunger and / or thirst. Proceed with caution.

Feature by Emily Saex

1. The Descendents – “I Like Food” – The Descendents might be stating the obvious, but their simple and straightforward proclamation speaks volumes of truth in the most ludicrously fast, poignant and punk rock way. And if you don’t like food? Well, Bye Felicia!


2. Cibo Matto – “Know Your Chicken” – Cibo Matto, aka the duo of Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, came on the indie music scene in the ’90s with their eccentric flavor and fondness for food topics. The trippy down tempo, hip-hop jam “Know Your Chicken” was the first song I remember hearing by them in high school and I was immediately enthralled by this weird and wondrous hit. Cibo Matto also explored other foods on their debut album Viva! La Woman, such as, “Apple,” “Beef Jerky,” and “Birthday Cake”, to name a few.


3. The Aggrolites – “Banana” – While this song was originally done by E.K. Bunch, Los Angeles’ very own dirty reggae superstars, The Aggrolites have re-invigorated the skinhead reggae classic with their cover of it. It’s damn near impossible not to join in on the rousing sing-a-long when they play it live because just like the song says, “Everybody like it. Banana!”


4. Monsieur Leroc, Radioinactive – “Me So Hungry” – This tasty rap track features rapid fire food-fueled flowS and jazzy bass and drums that are lip-smacking good. Originally released on Monsieur Leroc’s 2006 album I’m Not Young But I Need The Money and then featured on the Fast Food Nation soundtrack just a few months later, where it shines as one of the best songs, even amidst appetizing musical gems from Spoon, Nortec Collective and Dr. Dog.


5. Shonen Knife – “Blue Oyster Cult” – Food, and subsequently the songs about it, are not all fun and games all of the time. Japanese indie pop-rock trio Shonen Knife tackle the troublesome issue of food poisoning but they do so in an upbeat, surf-pop kind of way, so that despite the headache and stomachache you may experience from said horrible experience, this song will make you feel like it’s not so bad.


6. Kosha Dillz – “Hangin’ Out” – While this song isn’t completely devoted to food (for shame), rapper Kosha Dillz (whose name is a reference to a pickle), gives a shout out to the delicious traditional Jewish food schnitzel in this song. For that, I’ve got to give him some props. Not to mention other food buzzwords pop up throughout the song, such as mimosas (I like those), coffee cake (breakfast/dessert of champions), and Starbucks (practically, its own food group these days).


7. Kelis – “Jerk Ribs” – Kelis may originally be known for her 2003 hit “Milkshake” but she really cooked up something groovy with her 2014 album, Food. The neo-soul, r&b singer has served up the booty shakin’ boogie bass and brass attack of “Jerk Ribs” – an irresistible ’70s style dance track that will have you busting out your Saturday Night Dance Fever moves. Fun fact: Kelis is also a certified chef. So, in addition to giving us mouthwatering songs like, “Friday Fish Fry,” “Cobbler,” and “Biscuits n’ Gravy,” she could cook ’em up in real life. You better hope she invites you over for dinner.


8. Cherry Glazerr – “Grilled Cheese” – We featured young newbies Cherry Glazerr’s debut album, Haxel Princess, in a Recommended New Albums feature because it was a downright awesome album. We had this to say about their infamous ode to grilled cheese – “There is nothing complex about this catchy song and its sheer simplicity is one of the reasons why I love it. Not to mention, Clementine’s cute and sultry voice makes the act of eating a grilled cheese quite attractive.”


9. Action Bronson – Various – Hailing from Flushing, Queens, the larger than life Vice Records rapper, chef and host of his very own culinary adventures show, Fuck,That’s Delicious, Action Bronson is no stranger to food. He drops food references all over the place, from old school track, “Amuse Bouche,” to “Aged Manchego” and mentions of everything from lamb broth to freshwater bass in his mixtape, Blue Chips 2 – his unbridled passion for music and food are perfectly intertwined.


10. Weird Al – “Eat It” – Parody pop king Weird Al has made a recent comeback with his new album, Mandatory Fun, which includes brilliant parody covers of contemporary hits such as Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” (“Handy”) and Lorde’s “Royals” (“Foil”). However, we must pay tribute to his humble beginnings and epic thrust into the spotlight back in 1984 with the food-centric parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” which was transformed into the glorious “Eat It.”  “Eat it, just eat it.” And to that I say, gladly.


Honorable Mentions courtesy of our Facebook and Twitter friends:

Rachel O shares…“Bumble Bee Tuna Song” by Memphiskapheles. Because ska and tuna of course!

Justito W says…“Pork Roll Egg & Cheese” by Ween. Classic!

David W. admits…“When I was going through my cannibal phase it was, “People Who Died” by Jim Carroll. What’s an arm and a leg anyways?

Ray S. likes…“Pollo Asado” by Ween and “Satan Gave Me a Taco” by Beck. Because Mexican food, duh.

Albert M. enjoys…“Bangers n’ Mash” by Radiohead. Keepin’ it hearty and British.

@Laurapalooza19 says…“Now I’m a Farmer” by The Who. Old school!

@CorruptedLeyLey reminds us…“A Little Something Refreshing” by No Doubt. You’ll never be parched again.