Peter Hook gives stellar performance at Fonda Theatre, joined by special guest Moby

Peter Hook

Before the curtains rose at the Fonda Theatre, you heard the first few haunting deep notes to Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”, and to start the show with such an amazing song you knew that you were in for something special. Peter Hook and the Light started his show at the Fonda this past Saturday, November 22 with a set of about seven Joy Division songs. To name a few there was “Disorder” from their immortal Unknown Pleasures album and some of their very early stuff such as “Digital”. Hearing “Digital” live was amazing as I never thought I would ever hear this song live. Hook brought the same energy to the song that you would have expected in its inception. Hook sounded so good that if you closed your eyes you felt you were hearing the words come right out of Ian Curtis’ mouth. Hooky did an amazing job capturing the essence of Joy Division and Ian Curtis during the Joy Division set.

After the Joy Division set the band walked off and came back for two more sets of New Order songs playing the albums Brotherhood and Low-Life in their entirety. The crowd jumped vigorously with songs such as “Love Vigilante”, “Bizarre Love Triangle” and “The Perfect Kiss”. The crowd was so active that you can feel the floor underneath you shake like there was an earthquake happening. I had my reservations about Hooky taking on Bernard Sumner since their voices are completely different but he pulled it off, he did it his way and it worked.

Peter Hook had a surprise at the end with his encore set. Moby came out and did vocals for two songs, one being Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” and probably my most favorite song. “Ceremony”. After the two songs, Moby left the stage and Hooky took command again and ended the show with New Order’s “True Faith”, “Temptation” and of course, which was not too surprising, Joy Division’s immaculate “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

The show was amazing and I could not have asked for anything more, well, it would have been cool if Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris were on stage with him — however — Hooky held down that stage on his own flawlessly.

Words & Photography: Wes Marsala

Set List: Peter Hook & The Light at Fonda Theatre Nov. 22 
Joy Division Set
Twenty Hour Hours

New Order Set 1
Let’s Go
Lonesome Tonight
Theives Like Us
Love Vigilante
the Perfect Kiss
This Time of Night
Sooner than you Think
Face Up

New Order Set 2
As It Is When It Was
Broken Promise
Way of Life
Bizarre Love Triangle
All Day Long
Angel Dust
Every Little Counts

New Dawn Fades (Moby)
Ceremony (Moby)
True Faith
Love Will Tear us Apart

Check out more photos below of Peter Hook & The Light at the Fonda Theatre!

peter hook

peter hook

peter hook

peter hook

peter hook

Moby joins Peter Hook at the Fonda

peter hook

Want more photos of Peter Hook at the Fonda? Check out the photo gallery below!


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