17 Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us next week, and like many of us, you probably have not bought your significant other anything yet. Need some unique and fresh ideas for Valentine’s gifts? Don’t worry, Grimy got choo! As alway, this list of Valentine’s gift ideas is catered to the music lover. From cool gifts as low as $2 all the way to some more expensive goods, check out our 17 Best Valentines’ Gift Ideas for Music Lovers.

From most most affordable, to most expensive …

1. Guitar Pick Earrings ($2 – $40)


From as little as $2 you can get your S.O. some guitar pick earrings to fit her style: Misfits earrings, go hippie style with these or stick to something classic with these Fender white pearls.


2. Mix Stix ($8.98)

music gift mix stix

If your boo loves to cook (especially to the beat of some good tunes), get them these Mix Stix. They can make a little more noise in the kitchen with these clever drumstick spoons, and if you’re lucky, they just might whip you up some tasty treat.


3. Custom Key Chain Guitar Pick ($10)


This hand cut guitar pick key chain can be customized to say whatever you want! From “I love you” to “I pick you” make your sweet thang smile with this key chain they will see everyday.


4. Music Jewelry ($12 – $50)


You can never go wrong with jewelry, and there’s just so much cool music jewelry out there. From earrings made of old vinyl records, a personalized guitar pick necklace and even a Buddy Holly inspired microphone necklace (the same artist also makes these pendants in cassette tapes) — style up your honey with some cool stuff!


5. Handmade Obsidian Guitar Pick ($20)

obsidian arrowhead guitar pick

Your guitar player will LOVE this unique handcrafted guitar pick made of lustrous obsidian. Highlighted by an arrowhead silhouette that provides superior grip, your man or lady won’t be throwing this out the crowd anytime soon.


6. Vintage Vinyl LP Record Frame ($22)

record frame for photos

Grab your favorite photo of you and your babe and order one of these cool frames made from a vintage LP (33 rpm) record.


7. Vinyl Record Decorative Bowls ($25)

vinyl record bowl

Both hip and decorative, these vinyl LP bowls make for a great conversation piece and home aesthetic. But if you really want to win your lover’s heart with some cool DIY love, take a stab at making your own. Watch the how-to video here.


8. Vintage Concert Posters ($25-$1000)

vintage concert poster

Your luvbug will think you’re one cool cat with a gift like this. From Jimi Hendrix to the Rolling Stones, and even posters created by Bill Graham and Tom Moffatt, you’ll score big with a gift like this.


9. Music Inspired Clutch or Change Pouch ($35-$40)


Whether your Valentine needs this for their coin change or just as a small going out clutch, they will be very happy with this Devo cassette tape clutch or this unique upcycled Debbie Harry denim pouch.


10. Personalized Mixtape Doormat ($38)

custom mixtape doormat

Back in the day we used to stuff toilet paper into the ends of our cassette tapes to make a mixtape for our sweethearts. Now you can welcome guests to your home with this sweet music nostalgia. Give it to someone you dig and put their name on it or just a simple “Welcome”.


11. Custom Music Box with Song of Your Choice ($50 – $500)


Why settle for a cheesy music box when you can get a custom made music box WITH the custom song of your choice. That’s right, have your sugar listen to their favorite song as they open their music box to put away one of the cool jewelry pieces you gifted them.


12. Personalized Mixtape Pillow ($58)


Maybe your beau already has a cool doormat (see above). Instead, you can get him this cozy mixtape pillow. Customize it with your own message of love.


13. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses ($65)

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Grab a bottle of your bae’s favorite wine and gift them with this fun pair of glasses! You can make a musical symphony together while buzzing to your favorite songs.


14. Personalized LP Record ($150)


This custom wall art is sure to top the charts in the bedroom! Your Valentine will definitley be stoked on this creative form of affection. With a choice of two retro stylings, you compose the lyrical words for your label. It can be your first date or just a song or maybe just a song to symbolize your love.


15. Cymbal Art

cymbal art

Commission some Cymbal art for your main squeeze. From Billie Holiday to Miles Davis and many more, artist Josh Stadlen’s unique approach to portraiture is a must have.


16. Sonos speaker ($199)

Sonos Play 1 Sample Photo

The Sonos Play: 1 speaker will let you play music via your iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more with no delays or drops. Fuck that spotty iTunes airplay, Sonos is where it’s at. Control all the speakers in your home via your iPhone, computer, tablet or directly from the speaker itself. You’ll definitely be putting Sonos to use on Valentine’s Day with some sexy time music.


17. Concert Tickets


You will probably never score a ticket as coveted as the one pictured above, but concert tickets are always a given and a gift that is sure to make any music lover smile from ear-to-ear.



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