Meg Myers blows minds in Burbank, gives news on new single

meg myers

Los Angeles-based indie rocker Meg Myers, ALT98.7 and Carl’s Jr. got things going — on a Tuesday.

Kicking off the “Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Concert Series” in an intimate Burbank performance space, Meg Myers played three acoustic songs before doing a short interview that also featured a bit of Q&A. Fans were also provided with free Carl’s Jr. — the new All-Natural burger that was recently launched, along with some french fries.

About 40 people filled the room, many of them sitting cross-legged on pillows. Myers was joined by bandmate Ken Oak and brought the room to silence with her angsty and killer tunes. After playing “After You,” Myers played “Sorry,” the song that will be the first single off her upcoming debut full-length album. The single is due to drop in March and the album will come sometime in the summer.

Myers closed the set with “Desire,” the song that has been getting a fair amount of airplay on SiriusXM. Meg played guitar on this one while Ken Oak played the cello. The stripped-down set really put the emphasis on Myers’ powerful and emotion-filled vocals.

One portion of the interview session that stood out was when ALT98.7’s Tobi asked Meg who she’s listening to from today

Though 2014 was a “monster” year for the singer, 2015 figures to be even bigger. There’s many reasons Myers has been tabbed as one to watch for the past few years, and her strong skills as a live performer are definitely one of the major ones.

meg myers

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photos: Miro Sarkissian / ALT 98.7 fm



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