Win tickets to Death Cab For Cutie at iHeartRadio Theater L.A.


Death Cab For Cutie have a new album out today titled KINTSUGI, and to celebrate the release the band will be performing a special show at the intimate iHeartRadio Theater L.A. This is the eighth studio album for Death Cab, and their first in four years. The 11-track record features Death Cab’s new hit single, “Black Sun”. You can stream the “Black Sun” official video below – directed by Robert Hales (Jack White, Tame Impala, Gnarls Barkley). If you want a chance at hearing Death Cab For Cutie’s new album live, along with a bunch of their hits, you’ll want to enter our ticket giveaway! Our friends at iHeartRadio Theater L.A. have hooked us up withs some tickets for some lucky Death Cab fans. This is a private exlusive show where the only way in is by scoring an invite, or winning a pair of tickets!

For those not able to make the show, you can tune in to a live stream of the concert on Thursday, April 2nd at 7 p.m. PT/ 10 p.m. ET on



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Death Cab For Cutie — “Black Sun” (Official Video)

Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body (video)

Death Cab for Cutie – You Are A Tourist [Official Video]

30 thoughts on “Win tickets to Death Cab For Cutie at iHeartRadio Theater L.A.

  1. Maria

    I would love to see Death Cab For Cutie because it would just be cool to win something! And, of course, they are so awesome!!

  2. Vanessa Garcia

    I wanna win tickets to Death Cab for Cutie tonight because I need a reason to ditch class!

  3. Kevin Halim

    I would love to see Death Cab for Cutie as they have been my favorite band for years now ever since my high school days. I’ve followed them since their Trans days, and they honestly got me through my nights as a stressed-out high school student. I am going to be overseas for the next few months for work, and this is my last chance to see them in the States. Grimy Goods, please consider me for the show! I would forever be grateful for this opportunity

  4. Fred

    You should definitely award me a pair of tickets to this show because I am forever indebted to Death Cab For Cutie. You see, I have been with my girlfriend for exactly 10 years today, and it all started with our first date to see them at the Wiltern in 2004. We haven’t been able to catch them recently and we will be out of town when they come back in July. It would be incredible and priceless to say the least…

  5. Jason Silver

    Would love to see Death Cab for Cutie because they are Seth Cohen’s favorite band!

  6. Valerie

    I have loved DCFC for many a huge fan of their early work and cant wait to hear their new stuff!

  7. Jimmy Jo

    I would call off from work to see my biggest and favorite band of all time. I love DCFC and they make beautiful music.

  8. Michelle Hazuda

    I think I should get tickets because I am a super dedicated fan. I’ve seen Death Cab 19 times to date and I’ll be seeing them at least another five times this year. They’ve been one of my favorite bands for the past 10 years and are inextricably woven into the fabric of my life. I can’t listen to certain songs without remembering particular events and places and I can’t remember particular things or visit certain places without thinking of those songs. They get me through good days and bad days and all the days in between. I know I’ve seen Death Cab a lot already, but each time is still special and magical to me and I never get tired of seeing them play. So please pick me!

  9. Rochelle

    Would love to go see Death Cab because I recently moved here and have been having a hard time adjusting. Concerts are usually how I meet people/keep my spirits up but since I’m unemployed, I haven’t been able to attend any yet.

  10. Thomas Goff

    Quite honestly, Death Cab For Cutie has been a band I’ve followed since the beginning. Quite honestly, whenever they have been in town for a gig, I’ve either had work or some other prior engagement. By some miracle, this show does not interfere with anything in my life. It would be an absolute honor to see Death Cab For Cutie.

  11. Cristine McClure

    To be able to see Death Cab perform live for the first time in such an intimate setting would be an incredibly unique experience, as I would be hearing familiar songs from a totally different perspective. Also, my friend Wayne would never get over seeing one of his all-time favorite bands at iHeart.

  12. Alex Carrera

    Hi Grimy Good! I’d love for a chance to get tickets to this show consider Death Cab is playing on my birthday at The Hollywood Bowl and I won’t be able to make that show for a band I love so much! Thank you

  13. Michelle mendez

    omg I’ve never seen death cab in a concert, the closest I got was at outside lands and it wasn’t a full set! Please give me these tickets so I can finally see these boys and able to cry in joy!!

  14. ranay

    I wanna win because i am dying to see what my favorite band sounds like now with the absence of Chris Walla. Please pic me!

  15. Paula Livas

    I would love to see them live since I missed their set at Bridge School 2006 because my sister made us late by taking an hour to curl her already naturally curly hair!!! Agghh! Please Grimy Goods, HELP ME get my universe back in alignment!

  16. Megan

    When I was younger I was obsessed with Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte, a friend’s older sister burnt me a DCFC album and I was forever changed. It would be amazing to see them live since they were such a big part of my life.

  17. Jon Hanka

    I would love to win tickets to the death cab show! They’re my girlfriends favorite band and it would be a great surprise to take her to the show since she’s never seen them live.

  18. Dakota Wingate

    I have been a fan of death cab for a loooong time and have yet to see them live! Being new to the area, this would be a great welcome to la prize! 🙂

  19. Agueda zarate

    Seeing them live has always helped me emotionally re-set. I desperatly need that reset before summer starts. I have been a huge fan for over a decade now and I still have not been to the iheart radio theatre, there would be no better way to experience this venue than with dcfc!

  20. Kevin Silva

    I would love to finally take my sister to see them since I always take my mom (she’s such a hipster).

  21. Lalena

    Can you think of a better way to spend your spring break than with Ben Gibbard and co.? A week in Cancun has nothing on “We Looked Like Giants.”

  22. Natalie Steffes

    To those of you reading this:
    Death Cab for Cutie has undeniably changed my view of the world. I have the deepest respect and admiration for their work, and over the years, their musical has left a lasting impression on the person I am today. I would be beyond ecstatic to see them perform at the iHeart Radio Theatre. Thank you, Grimy Goods, for such a unique opportunity to see my favorite band. Please consider me for the tickets! I would be forever grateful.

  23. Jacob Genzuk

    I think you should give me tickets because Plans has helped me deal with two incredibly difficult things in my life.

    (1) It helped me deal with a very difficult break-up, with a girl I’d been with for many years. I had the album on repeat for days on end, and eventually listening to lyrics like “I cannot pretend that I felt any regret/Cause each broken heart will eventually mend” helped me move on and recover (and now I’m happily engaged!).

    And (2), it helped me deal with my fear of death. I have spent most of my life fearing death not because of the act itself, but because of the truly unknown nature of what comes after. The idea of an infinitely nothingness, of oblivion, is just so prodigiously terrifying.

    Ben has said, of “I Will Follow You into the Dark”:

    “It’s just this idea that what if somebody dies and we’re just floating, just stumbling around in infinite darkness, and I’m just trying to find some kind of spiritual kind of peace with myself, and the world.”

    The afterlife remains terrifying, but the idea that we could still at least be conscious of the forever of nothingness is somehow comforting.

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