All the rage (seriously, fights broke out) with Interpol at the Shrine

Interpol band

I have been an on-and-off fan of Interpol ever since “Turn on The Bright Lights”. To no fault of their own, Interpol play the style of music that I love. They remind me so much of Joy Division but obviously with their own unique sound, however, I am traditionalist and I have a hard time listening to new styles of what I already like which can be troublesome. I will get on an Interpol kick and then I will say okay that is enough and go back to the old-school post-punk bands.

Last Thursday at the Shrine Auditorium was the first time that I have seen Interpol live and I was quite excited to see them and also shoot them, but I was also apprehensive that I may have that feeling of not being completely satisfied in the music and possibly want to leave early.

The night started out kind of rough, I got there a little later than I wanted, traffic was a bitch, a fight broke out right next to me before Interpol took the stage, beer and fists were thrown — luckily I did not catch any of it — fists or beer.  After that I decided to go into the photo pit. At that moment all photogs were escorted out by some Interpol staff member. It made no sense. He said Interpol was not allowing photogs in the pit. Luckily things got sorted out. Thank you Brian Orloff (Tour Manager), for clearing things up.


So we were back in the pit and Interpol took the stage. First song was “Say Hello To Angels” which immediately made me smile, then it was one great song after another. I had not heard the new album yet, El Pintor, because I was on a no Interpol kick, but those songs were amazing. Interpol ended their main set with “Slow Hands”.  Before they did their encore another fight broke out right next to me again. This time a little closer, but still came out unscathed. Interpol then came out for their encore. People settled and they played “PDA,” “Untitled,” and “All the Rage Back Home”. They walked off stage again and I was getting ready to leave, but the lights had not come on yet and I thought “they are not doing another encore”, but they did.  I was quite surprised when they ended the night with “NYC”,  the song they had recently played at their New York gig and that myself and many fans were waiting to hear live.

I’ll never doubt Interpol again. They are one of the great bands of the oughts and if you don’t know them well, get to know them.

Words & Photography: Wes Marsala


Interpol band

Interpol band

Interpol band


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