Cocorosie serves up a delicious dose of Heartache City at The Belasco


One of the greatest things about Los Angeles is without a doubt, the live music. Downtown Los Angeles is bursting with live music venues of the late. It seems like every month a new one opens up. And one of the many venues that constantly delivers top-notch acts in a cozy atmosphere is the The Belasco.

This past Wednesday, Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady, the dynamic sister duo better known as Cocorosie made their gracious return to Los Angeles sounding sexier than ever. Currently on tour promoting their freshly launched album Heartache City, Cocorosie put on an enchanting show displaying their multi-instrumental skills. Their keen use of vintage items that live on stage blended perfectly with their unique fairytale-like operatic voices and minimal sounds. Not to mention, the live beatboxing by Tez made their performance all the more radiant.

In addition to their new tunes, Cocorosie kept things silky with some of their old favorites. With every smooth move and alluring incantation, the duo had us melting for more. On song in particular (new song) that seemed to stimulate the crowd was “Un Beso”. It was sexy, magical and straight up dope.

Cocorosie were a delicious delight to our ears and eyes. We look forward to catching the sisters once again.

Photography and Review:  Farah Sosa







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