Future gets party started at Harry Houdini’s mansion for exclusive BACARDÍ’s Untameable Artist Series

Future rapper

The traffic this past Friday night did not help BACARDÍ’s Untameable Artist Series, where there was going to be a special performance by hip hop artist, Future. The 101 was closed off and the streets were jammed, it took me nearly an hour to get to the shuttle stop where I would be then taken to the famed Harry Houdini mansion. The moment I found out that I would be shooting this show I was wondering just what it would be like to go into the estate of Harry Houdini. It was kind of how you’d expect it to be. We pulled up in the party bus and they dropped you off at the bottom of the hill, you look up the hill and see a beautifully landscaped garden with fountains, statues and Ivy going all the way up the walls. Then you see a staircase that you had to climb to get to the top where the mansion resided. The house was very nice, fairly large and nicely decorated. The Noisey team did a fantastic job of decorating the place and Bacardi set up two bars, one near the stage where Future would be performing and one on the outdoor patio upstairs, free drinks were served all night long.  My Favorite drink being the “Back to Black”.

People anxiously went down to the front lawn where the stage was setup staking their perfect spot for when Future would take the stage. He went on a couple minutes late, but gave a tight performance. Playing songs from his latest release, What a Time to be Alive, a collaborative mixtape between him and Drake, Future had the crowd hyped on Bacardi and has slick rhymes. Unfortunately, the performance lasted about thirty minutes, and of course when it ended the people wanted more. Fans thought maybe there would have been an encore of some sort, but that was it. Considering this was a VIP, invite-only industry event, I wasn’t too surprised by the short set. That’s the way the cookie crumbles at these types of events … The crowd then went back upstairs to get more free drinks and listen to the DJ’s that were scheduled to play, Them Jeans and Rodney Hazard.  The drinks were flowing and people began to dance to the music, all of sudden they forgot that Future only played 30 minutes. In the end, it didn’t matter. After all, partying at Houdini’s mansion alone, is enough to give anyone a thrilling experience. And if you think that is tight, you should see where Bacardi flew our editor our to last year. Now, how about Bacardi brings that back?!

Recap & Photos: Wes Marsala

Future Houdini mansion hollywood bacardi

future harry houdini

Future Houdini masnion hollywood bacardi

Future Houdini masnion hollywood bacardi

Future Houdini masnion hollywood bacardi


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