Punks just wanna have fun and that they did when old-school English punk rockers The Adicts took over the Fonda Theatre this past Friday. Professional BMX biker and singer Rick Thorne kicked off the evening with a loud, heavy rock set but the audience was itching for The Adicts. The crowd was a sea of studs, stripes, spikes and young droogs (mirroring the band’s signature “A Clockwork Orange” inspired look) who waited patiently but anxiously for the band to start. With “A Clockwork Orange” music intro, all eyes remained affixed to the stage curtain, until finally it lifted, revealing the beloved band and everyone went berserk!

The Adicts straight up pummeled through a killer set of hits from the fist-pumping “Let’s Go,” “Joker in the Pack” and “Chinese Takeaway” to the swing ‘n’ sway sing-a-long numbers like “Bad Boy,” “Life Goes On,” and “Who Spilt My Beer.” Vocalist, front man and punk rock ringmaster extraordinaire Keith “Monkey” Warren sported a variety of mesmerizing outfits throughout the evening including a winged cape, flashing red LED glasses, a shiny black/white/orange checkered ensemble and bowler hat and by the end shirtless, with shiny pants. And when Monkey said to clap your hands or put your hands in the air, the crowd was right there with him.

Throughout the night the band released streamers, confetti and beach balls into the venue, much to everyone’s joy and delight (with the exception of maybe the clean up crew). The circle pit went on non-stop throughout the entire evening and it was a pleasure to see just as many women as men stomping around and wilding out in the pit. The show ended on a high note with the epic “Viva La Revolution” leaving concert-goers elated and with their ears buzzing as they shuffled out of the venue. The Adicts prove time and time again that their fun-fueled live performance is an absolutely priceless experience.

Words: Emily Saex

Photography: Danny Hernandez for Goldenvoice

Rick Thorne

The Adicts

The Adicts


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