Song Premiere: Listen to The Perfumes’ new track “California”

The Perfumes

Short and sweet, yet it has the powerful ability to get stuck in your head with its dreamy chorus. The Perfumes’ new song “California” is a bittersweet farewell to sunny California. As the latest project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Moxcey, the sullen song comes from Moxcey’s abundant, yet seldom shared collection of home recordings. With the keen ear of producer Monte Vallier (The Soft Moon, Young Prisms, Weekend, Wax Idols), The Perfumes hit the studio to pay tribute to their 90’s rock heroes while stirring the conversation and sound into a contemporary expression. From Nirvana to the Pixies, “California” has that 90s grunge vibe; pulling at your emotions with its dark tone and reverberating vocals, the guitars keep the song alive with their entrancing riffs.

“California is a breakup/love letter that I wrote a while back when faced with the possibility of leaving this place,” shares Moxcey. It makes me sad to listen to it. What do you say to a person/place when you’re leaving before you’re ready? This has been home since the second eighteen-year-old me stepped off the plane. In many ways, it’s the same romantic, idealistic, wild west that it was then. Every morning that the sun rises here is a gigantic fresh start, with all the dreams and possibilities that come along with that. Through different personal circumstances, I’ve remained here, in San Francisco. Because of this, the song has taken on new meaning for me and I am filled with an entirely new sense of excitement and appreciation. I guess it’s not all that sad after all, just complicated.”

The Perfumes‘ new track “California,” comes from band’s debut EP, which will be released sometime in 2016.

Listen to California by The Perfumes:


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