Gothic Tropic’s new single “Stronger”is a vibrant spitfire of 80s pop-rock sounds — stream it

Gothic Tropic
Photo Credit: Ryan Aylsworth

Los Angeles indie band Gothic Tropic has released an addictive new single titled “Stronger.” Led by the spunky frontwoman Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic’s new song is a vibrant spitfire of 80s pop-rock sounds. While Peruti’s vocals soar sweetly and invite you to sing along, the song still carries a sassy punch.

“Stronger” may have a fun vibe of just letting loose, but there’s also a powerful message behind its playful tune.

In a recent Facbook post, Peruti shared: “Stronger references what it’s like to be a woman in a creative industry. I’m tired of walking on egg shells to spare someone else or an entity the embarrassment & shame of being in the wrong. My impulses were always to play dumb to unprofessional, insulting, and vulgar behavior as a courtesy to the offender. Now, I’m starting to require respect and decency. This song celebrates that, and urges women young and old alike, and essentially anyone who’s felt nervous about asserting one’s self.”

Amen, sista!

Grimy Goods has been covering and following Gothic Tropic’s growth for quite some time now, it’s refreshing to hear a more polished and approachable sound with the band’s new single “Stronger.” Although we dig the fuzzy lo-fi mania off Gothic’s Awesome Problems EP, we’re also diggin’ this clean power-pop direction and Peruti’s glistening vocals.

Stream Gothic Tropic’s new single “Stronger” below.

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