Kim and The Created at Bootleg Theater

Kim and The Created at Bootleg Theater

If there is one Los Angeles artist that never stops breathing, it’s Kim House of Kim and The Created. At the start of this year, we featured her in our annual forecast featuring artists on the rise, and it goes without saying, she definitely turned heads in 2016. The fiery frontwoman is without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with, and in 2016 we’ve seen just what this woman is single-handedly capable of.

Riveting music and compelling live show aside, Kim puts in some serious work online. From the need for social media to interact with fans, to hustling as her own PR woman, Kim is a one-woman-everything. She is an example to other musicians of what real hard work can get you. 2016 has seen Kim highlighted by brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and MAC; this year has also seen her perform alongside The Kills and legendary rock star Alice Cooper. Hands down, Kim and The Created got it going on. Check out below our interview with Kim House highlighting her fantastic year.

In three words, describe your year:

Kim: Whole new world

What have been some highlights for you in 2016?

Kim: Being muse to Hedi Slimane of Yves Saint Laurent; being hand-picked for two tours with The Kills, and being hand-picked to open for Alice Cooper and his famed manager Shep Gordon. What was even better about all of it, was it was all accomplished with no manager, PR, booker, or anyone- just by people admiring the music and performance. Means a lot to me.

We’ve seen you just skyrocket in 2016…What would you say attributed to your growth?

Kim: Never stopping no matter what.

What have been some obstacles in 2016?

Kim: Taking risks; playing bass to thousands on The Kills tour 3 weeks after playing bass in the band, playing guitar on our national tour a month after playing guitar. I’m self-taught and play by ear. I think never being scared to put myself out there and taking chances and pushing myself further every time is growth.

kim and the created

Kim and The Created at Desert Daze

What advice would you give to other bands seeking growth and success?

Kim: Never stop trying. I was even talking to a friend on a big label just this week about the hard time she is having keeping up the same determination with the hardships that come with being in the entertainment business and like I told her, only the ones who create and perform because they HAVE to end up doing it long term, because it will wear on you, but I do it because it’s where I find myself and my freedom.

I see that you put in a lot of work on social media… How important is marketing yourself as a band, hiring PR?

Kim: I actually never have had any PR, I do everything myself. I also actually really hate social media. It is a necessary evil as they say. I need to let fans know what we are up to; new music, shows, etc- so that’s why I do it. I usually just post and get offline.

Kim House of Kim and The Created at Echoplex

Kim House of Kim and The Created at Echoplex

What plans do you have in 2017, what goals?

Kim: I wanted to see how far we could get on our own, and I think I’ve proven to myself what I am capable of. I also have always loved being in control of my music and career. This year I’d like to finally develop a team. I’m just going to put it out there and see what happens. My first ever LP will be out this year as well. Pretty crazy all we’ve done with no album, so I can’t wait to see what happens when we do.

Kim and The Created perform this Saturday, Dec. 17 at the Teragram Ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles. Trying winning a pair of tickets here!

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Kim and the created

Kim and the created at Lolipalooza