Death Valley Girls

Photo: Darian Zahedi

Currently in the studio recording the follow-up to their debut full-length record, Death Valley Girls have had quite the kick-ass year. We’ve seen this band grow since 2013 when we first spotlighted them with a Hot Band Alert feature. At that time, not many people had heard of them, let alone had caught Death Valley Girls live. They had little to no social media presence, no blogs or media had covered them and they even had a different lineup of bandmates. In 2016, with the band now composed of founding members Bonnie Bloomgarden and Larry Schemel, along with Nicole Smith, Laura Kelsey (aka The Kid), and sometimes Satan — Death Valley Girls have honed in on their chops and have become a global name in the indie/underground music scene.

Grimy Goods featured Death Valley Girls in their 2014 annual forecast for bands on the rise, and It goes without saying that the band hit it full throttle and made their presence known. One of the many things we love about Death Valley Girls is that they put their heart and soul into their music — and they truly — absolutely love rock ‘n’ roll.

Check out our interview below with leading lady Bonnie Bloomgarden, recapping Death Valley Girls’ gigantic year.


In three words, describe 2016 for Death Valley Girls?

Bonnie: Super fucking awesome

What have been some highlights for the band in 2016?

Bonnie: Definitely playing with Primal Scream, Daniel Johnston, all the tours we’ve been on. Playing Desert Daze and the Levitation pre-party was rad. Just making so many new friends since being on the road for so many months. Also, we just played Carson Daily, and we are also doing an Alexander McQeen Instagram takeover. Soon. That’s pretty rad.

You guys grew lots this past year! What would you say helped?

Bonnie: Well, there’s no days off. You’re just born to do this. Everyday we’re just so happy and excited to do what we do. We are fully committed to rock ‘n’ roll. Just gotta be.

How important is marketing yourself as a band?

Bonnie: Umm… I think the most important thing is finding your game, playing, making a record that means something to you, and just getting your music out. As for marketing, you gotta be totally true to your vision, your aesthetic… you know, we’re just obsessed with what we are obsessed with, and I think people relate to that. Even if they don’t totally like what we are into, there’s always a clear and concise idea of what our aesthetic is and I think that’s pretty helpful for a band.


What plans/goals does Death Valley Girls have for 2017?

Bonnie: I just hope that we can go out and spread love and excitement and turn people on. I want people to get turned on and come together, at least for rock ‘n’ roll if nothing else.

What advice would you give to bands seeking growth?

Bonnie: Play everyday and play as much as possible with as many people as possible. Try to get people turned on everyday.

Death Valley Girls are kicking off their new year with a UK and European tour. For more news and tour dates, follow Death Valley Girls via their Facebook page.

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