Video Premiere: Veronica Bianqui “Aah, Paris…”

veronica bianqui

Veronica Bianqui — Photo by Ceethreedom

Veronica Bianquie Defines the Joy of Wanderlust in New Video for “Aah, Paris…”

Inspired by old, classic French films and vignettes, Los Angeles singer/songwriter Veronica Bianqui has shared the official video for her delectable track “Aah, Paris…” Shot in none other than Paris, the playful song comes to life with this colorful new video where Bianqui is clearly having a blast in Paris. Her adventures take her on a thrill ride through the city; from carnival rides to cemeteries, sparkling nights and tipsy cab rides, Bianqui made Paris her own jubilee.

“I was in my own world wandering through the streets of Paris, living this fantasy,” shares Bianqui. “Doing stereotypical Parisian things and escaping reality through my own fantasy of the city.”

Watch the video below:

After watching Bianqui having the time of her life, sipping red wine in cab rides, carefree and full of joy at every stop she makes, we had to ask her what her favorite part of making this video was:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]“My favorite part was just being able to dress up and feel glamorous (and cold) wandering around Paris. I loved going to Morrisons grave and wearing the bunny ears. Dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower was cool. Actually, at one point when I was singing and playing on a bridge near the Eiffel Tower, a street vendor selling touristy keychains told me after my performance, ‘I love you!’ and gave me a free little Eiffel Tower keychain. I thought that was sweet, and made me feel good.”[/perfectpullquote]

Veronica Bianqui’s video for “Aah, Paris…” was shot by Zinzi Gugu with some camera work by Orkhan Abbasoff, who both live in Paris.

In 2017 we’ll see Bianqui releasing more music, touring Europe in February/March both with The Blank Tapes as well as her own band, and hopefully releasing more videos. Veronica Bianquie will perform in LA at The Griffin on Monday, Janaury 9 with The Bolos, as well as January 17 at Harvard & Stone for the Dream Phases residency.

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