Video Premiere: Twin Temple take us to the church of satanic doo-wop with video for “Girl Trouble”

Twin Temple

After hearing Twin Temple’s soulfully wicked single “Girl Trouble” and catching the stunning duo live at the Bootleg Theater, we were kind of enamored by the band. That, and we’re sure they put their sultry spell on us. The married couple made up of Alexandra and Zachary James are a striking pair, and we’re not just talking about how easy on the eyes they are. With a soulful vocal prowess, Alexandra charms you with her powerful croons, while Zach keeps laying down the witch’s brew with his slick guitar skills and style. Today, the duo have brought their “Satanic Doo-Wop” to visual form with the premiere of their “Girl Trouble” video.

Directed by Meeno Peluce and shot at the Church of Angels in Pasadena, a gorgeous property resurrected on Easter Eve,1889 — the video plays like a scene from the best underground goth ‘n’ soul club you’ve never been to, albino snake and all.

“We’re always mining flea markets for Victorian antiques- so as soon as we saw all the beautiful hand-carved angels, stained glass from England and the hundred-year old towering pipe organ, we were immediately infatuated,” shared Alexandra. “We realized we were literally inside one of the antiques we obsessively collect … we all felt the pull of the church’s hallowed presence- inspiring spontaneous scenes that became ceremonial in nature.”

There’s nothing pious about this video, and we love it. Let’s just hope none of those crazy Evangelical organizations catch a glimpse of this video! Watch it for yourself below.

BTW, can we talk about Alexandra’s illustrious wardrobe changes? WANT. (Kudos to costume stylist Brandy St. John).

“Girl Trouble” mourns the death of a female friendship,” explains Alexandra. “It is essentially a confessional song in nature, and this idea of “confession” led us to working within a church. We wanted to leave out the patriarchal priest who is responsible for listening to the penitent, absolving sins and ultimately “healing the soul.” Instead, we granted independence to an empowered female character, working through her own demons. In thinking about archetypes of femininity and strength, we invoked the triple goddess, traditionally symbolized by the triumvirate colors of white, the Virgin; red, the Temptress and black, the Dark mother. We also brought in two snakes: one black, one white. We chose symbolism that represents a woman’s cyclical nature, wisdom, duality, and also the larger cycles of birth, life, death and re-birth.”

“Girl Trouble” is off Twin Temple‘s forthcoming EP.  The band have two Los Angeles show dates coming up. Catch Twin Temple on March 9 at the Bootleg Theater with Warbly Jets, and / or on March 21 at The Hi Hat as part of Night Talks‘ free March residency. Follow Twin Temple on Facebook and Instagram for new music and tour updates.

Twin Temple

Twin Temple at Bootleg Theater — Photo by ZB Images

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