The Brinks

The Brinks — Photo: Cyclical Creative

Los Angeles duo The Brinks have premiered their sizzling summer single “Honey.” Sweet as the delectable treat itself, “Honey” booms and rattles with all that addictive alt-pop and an oh-so-tasty hook: “oooooh, drip drip like honey…” Slather “Honey” onto your summer pool party playlist or drip it all over your favorite beach, whatever you choose to do with this “Honey” let it be that sweet summer memory.

Stream The Brinks’ new single “Honey” below.

The Brinks are producer Matt Friedman and Australian singer Scott Mellis. The duo have been recording and making music for over a year now. Their sultry debut EP, Temporary Love, was released this past December via Sony Music and was executively produced by Salaam Remi and Pusha T (stream it below). With The Brinks’ new song “Honey” we find the duo hitting a bit of a sweeter note than with their debut EP.

“It’s less moody and more about having fun,” shares Mellis. “It really started as a reaction to all the dark stuff going on in the world and just wanting to make a song that felt good. The lyrics are a little abstract and psychedelic, but loosely its about going on a journey and searching for something.”

The Brinks currently don’t have any tour dates scheduled, but you can follow them via their Facebook page for upcoming shows and more new music.

Stream The Brinks’ Temporary Love EP below!