Song Premiere: DreamVacation share new single “Thin World”

Dream Vacation

Los Angeles trio, DreamVacation have premiered their new single “Thin World” and we just can’t get this lovely song out of our heads. With a cinematic approach to their sweet indie rock sound, DreamVacation create a lullaby of sounds with “Thin World.” Beautifully orchestrated by Zilva Thustraon vocals and guitar, Gerry Matthewson bass and synth, and Noah Alexander on drums and synth, the song was recorded at Big Ego Studios in Long Beach and produced by Rian Lewis and DreamVacation.

Stream DreamVacation’s “Thin World” below!

While “Thin World” has a lulling sound that kind of makes you wanna swoon, there is a lot of sadness to the lyrics.

“The track is about contemplating life and death, whether or not we’ve been here before, possible past and future lives…” shares lead singer Zilva Thustraon. “I contemplated suicide…and then I remembered global extinction. The world has died five times now, how many times has the universe died? How many times have I been born and then died? Doesn’t it all feel very familiar? And so I hesitate..”

Formerly known as the Atlantic Line, the three-piece band DreamVacation released their self-titled EP in 2016. Their sweet crescendos and soft rock stylings shone brightly with comparisons to The National, The Walkmen, Local Natives and more. You can listen to DreamVacation’s debut EP and a couple other singles via their SoundCloud page.

Our past releases seemed to focus a bit more on the loss of things while with this EP there’s more of a reckoning of what is out there to be found. We’ve come to the realization that heavy times are just a part of living.  The awareness and acceptance of that has led us to be more comfortable with ourselves regardless of what happens around us.  Ideally that comfort with the unknown, the acceptance of what’s to come, and living with a spark of love and hope will translate to listeners through this collection of songs. ~ Zilva Thustraon 

DreamVacation have a local Los Angeles date at the Silverlake Lounge on Monday, July 10. For more show dates and new music from Dream Vacation, follow them on Facebook.

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