Single Premiere: Erin McCarley drops riveting single “Die Die Die” (with stunning artwork to match)

Erin McCarley

Nashville’s Erin McCarley has dropped a fierce new single titled “Die Die Die,” and it’s quite the scrumptious banger. With summer officially here, this is the kind of soulful alt-pop you want blasting at that hotel pool party or summer BBQ.

“Die Die Die” is McCarley’s fourth single. The song’s beats are fresh and will have you bopping your head in no time. Aside from the slick sounds of the single, “Die Die Die” is a potent and politically charged female empowered anthem. Slick beats and a message, now that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

Stream Erin McCarley’s “Die Die Die” below!

“The song inspiration for “Die Die Die” is my reaction to living under a shameful and dangerous political climate,” shares McCarley. “There are people on the internet that say to me, and other artists I know, to ‘shut up and sing’ in regards to me voicing anything having to do with politics, social issues, etc. But if I were to put this new record out in 2017 and not have anything to say regarding this political climate, I would be lying and covering up where I am and where I’ve been. I’m not here to tell people what to do, but I do what I do to give an honest account of what has been fueling me. I always hope to empower even if there are some hard issues to discuss and get through to get to that inhale/exhale moment.”

As if McCarley’s lyrics and meaning weren’t enough, she has paired the song with an equally striking single artwork. The experimental art reveals a women nude, hunched over with spikes growing out of her back and eyes shooting laser beams.The artwork “is a representation of a rattled awakening. An agitated burning from within. A desire for truth and empowerment. A direct reaction to the current political climate.”

The artwork is a real photograph taken of model, Claire Delozier. It was crafted by director and makeup artist, Megan Thompson Fitchuk. The red paint around the female figure’s “neck and ear symbolize all of the information and indecency from the current administration being thrown at us and the feeling of being choked by it all.” Stylist Samantha Roe created the spikes and breastplate out of latex foam, painted to match the model’s skin. The image was brought to life by photographer, Fairlight Hubbard who’s only visual manipulation was the elongation of the model’s neck and the lasers shooting from the eyes. Boom!

“My quills are coming out…a porcupine. I’m cornered by an enemy.”

Erin McCarley die die die artwork


Erin McCarley’s “Die Die Die” single is set for release Friday, June 23rd. She has already released three impressive songs “I Can Be Somebody,” “Out of the Fog” and “GOOD,” which can all be streamed via McCarley’s SoundCloud page. “Die Die Die” as well as the aformentioned tracks will be on McCarley new album titled Yu Yi, out September 8, 2017.

Erin McCarley has yet to announce any Los Angeles show dates, but we’re hoping that will change very soon. For tour dates and more new music from Erin McCarley, follow her via her Facebook page.

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