Song Premiere: Liv Slingerland shares anthemic new single “Hold On To”

Livia Slingerland

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Los Angeles alt-rocker, Liv Slingerland has premiered her anthemic new single “Hold On To.” Self-described as “energetic, angsty, yet optimistic” — the new song has a catchy hook and sound reminiscent of the 90s. While the vibrant number begs for you to sing-along to its buoyant melodies, the lyrics “tell a story about searching for a safe place or person in the midst of feeling predominantly stressed, anxious, and lost.”

Stream Liv Slingerland’s new song “Hold On To”

“When I began coming up with the lyrics to this song in college, I started writing the first verse with a stream-of-consciousness approach and stumbled onto these lines that flow in and out of each other melodically, connecting separate thoughts that are usually bridged by one or two common words. I enjoy pairing upbeat musical content with melancholic lyrics, and although the sentiment across the different sections is downcast and dark, I’d like to think that the arrangement ultimately lifts up the overall atmosphere of the track to place it in an angsty yet also optimistic realm.” ~ Liv Slingerland

Slingerland released her debut single, “Shouldn’t Bother” in June 2016 (stream it below). After a year, she’s finally given us a taste of her new music with “Hold On To.” Additionally, Slingerland will soon release “Come Back To Me.” All three tracks will be part of Slingerland’s debut EP, produced by herself and co-producer Scott Heiner (drummer of MUNA).

Liv Slingerland’s new tunes have been translating great live with a newly settled lineup including Madison Scheckel on guitar, Genna Projansky on bass, and India Pascucci on drums. Together, the three bandmates and Liv Slingerland will continue to round out their music both in and out of the studio.

Upcoming LA Dates

Liv Slingerland will perform on July 1 at Chinatown Summer Nights on the LA Weekly Live Music Stage. Also on the lineup are Lauren Ruth Ward, Color Caves, YIP YOPS, Bobby Blunders, Livingmore, and Lovers & Poets.

You can also catch Liv Slingerland live on July 22 at Frog Spot.

For more show dates and new music, follow Liv Slingerland via her Facebook page.

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  1. Michele "shell" Luccketta

    Yes! Excellent! I am looking forward to the album. Tour TN Nashville, and Chattanooga.

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