Kelela offers-up first single “LMK” from her debut album Take Me Apart


Tackling heteronormative notions on femininity head-on in her new single “LMK,” alt-R&B virtuoso Kelela imbues a restless sensuality into the first taste of her debut album Take Me Apart. An anthem of empowerment that uses the singer’s love of immersively voluptuous and dance-floor ready beats as her kinetic momentum, Kelela strips the track down to the barest of intimacies. It’s a sultry invitation that lacks any coyness and “LMK” indulges in the honest vulnerabilities its singer transforms into not only applauded but ever-desired strengths. Drawing on the purity of her passions, Kelela refuses to water-down or justify her pursuits–giving them an alluring glow as a rallying cry for independent women.

Listen to Kelela’s new single “LMK” below!

Take Me Apart promises to be a complexly woven portrait of Kelela’s R&B influences and tastes, one garnished by the pulsing experimentalism of her electronic beats. Kelela will also be taking the stage next month on September 24 at a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in support of Solange Knowles, performing alongside Blood Orange and Moses Sumney.

Kelela’s debut album Take Me Apart is out October 6 via Warp Records, pre-order it here. Visit her Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour dates.

Take Me Apart tracklist

  1. Frontline
  2. Waitin
  3. Take Me Apart
  4. Enough
  5. Jupiter
  6. Better
  7. LMK
  8. Truth Or Dare
  9. S.O.S.
  10. Blue Light
  11. Onanon
  12. Turn To Dust
  13. Bluff
  14. Altadena

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