Geographer, the grandiose synth-pop project with cello-allure helmed by Mike Deni have unveiled their newest ambitions in the form of the Alone Time EP of which their single “Read My Mind” is a first glimpse of. As lush as any Geographer track, “Read My Mind” perches its surging soundscape on the aches and yearnings of Deni’s luminously crystal vocals–which at times are so vibrant they melt into the synth-growths that emerge around them. “Read My Mind” is another mild switchfoot in the way it doesn’t hold onto those bombastic synth explosions and instead isn’t afraid to reduce itself back down to just Deni’s loving introspections.

Deni and company always appear to be in a constant state of evolution, moving from danceable synth-pop extravagance on early albums like Animal Shapes, then aiming for a fully fleshed-out, orchestral pop on Ghost Modern. All the while maintaining a gushing sincerity that is just as much Deni’s disarming songwriting as it is the way it pours like liquid velvet from his lips. Dreamily rooted in the tangles of love, heartbreak, and existential strife, Geographer veil their deceptively cutting pieces in sweetly swelling pop that leaves you floating in your own lucid emotions.

Listen to Geographer’s newest song “Read My Mind” off their upcoming Alone Time EP.

Geographer hits the road this week with Betty Who, making a stop at the Santa Ana Observatory August 12, tickets are still available here. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.