Oddnesse has revealed a new single, attaining a blissful catharsis on “I Used To.” The track delivers that serene dreampop vibe we’ve come to love from the local duo. This is their newest single since “Are You Down,” with both tracks pointing to a new release on the horizon. (Probably not an LP, per our conversation in September.)

The band’s new single has a title that seems to imply a longing for the past, but the track happily subverts that idea. In many ways, it is similar to Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You,” where the titular line of that song actually goes, “No one’s gonna love you more than I do.” Ironically, “I Used To” deals with the opposite emotion; instead of having a romantic epiphany, lead singer Rebeca Arango sings about finally feeling comfortable with falling out of love. She cites solo roadtrips to and from Utah as the origin of the song, making the imagery of personal growth literal as well as symbolic. With the desert in the rearview, a future filled with possibilities stares back through the windshield. Let’s live it on our own terms.

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by: Zoë Elaine