Photos: Rhye hypnotizes fans at Moroccan Lounge with sensual charm

Rhye, Farah Sosa

Rhye. Photo by Farah Sosa

If you are from Los Angeles, or have been in this city for a while, you may be familiar with the corner of first street and Vignes, a venue that throughout the years has had different names and flavors.  Now, from the founders of Teragram Ballroom, it has been transformed into the Moroccan Lounge, an intimate spot with a fantastic sound system and gorgeous lighting.  It was my first time there and it was the perfect, intimate setting for R&B band Rhye who softly wooed the crowd over and over.

Rhye, showcasing as a seven-piece band, navigated through up-tempo and mellow moods.  Gazing at the performance was inevitable when song after song was a peak of charm. Their sounds are minimal and the voice of lead vocalist Mike Milosh is delicate. The combination of their elements made it a hypnotizing performance that came like a wave and left way fast. With dashes of captivating strings interconnected with percussion Milosh’s serenading voice, the silence amongst the audience made it extra astounding in full appreciation of the music… seriously, you could hear the tiniest sound in the room.

The stage was set up extra special with palm trees and faux sheep skin increasing the already cozy vibe. Although the stage was not a large one, the band seemed comfortable and engaged in their positions, delivering old and new material.

At the end of Rhye’s blissful set, fans promptly jumped to get the playlist, a token of a lovely and reasonably sold out night.

Rhye is playing again in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre in March next year and we strongly suggest getting your tickets now.

Setlist:   3 Days, Please, Fall, Maj/Min, Softly, Last Dance, Waste, Stay Sae, Taste, Open, Count to 5, Hunger.

Photos and Words:  Farah Sosa



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