Song Premiere: Stargazing with October’s Child

October's Child

The enormity of the universe can seem overwhelming if you think about it for too long. Perhaps that is why we think of loved ones when we stargaze. If there exists a place as incomprehensible as heaven, it would have to be among the galaxies all out of reach to us here on Earth. I can only imagine these are thoughts that Britt Warner of October’s Child has surrounding her late father, reflected in some small way in the duo’s newest single, “Orion.” Listen exclusively below.  

This past week has been particularly tough for Warner, celebrating her dad’s favorite holiday without him. It was this time last year that she was invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, who gave her a mellotron to toy with. From that, in collaboration with bandmate Jordan Waré, “Orion” was born, though promptly forgotten about. Until they began putting together their new album. From Warner:

“i sifted through our backlog of ideas and stumbled across the mellotron jams folder. there was one where i’d played a repetitious bell lead and jordan had added a brass chords section and as i listened, a vocal melody flowed out immediately. the lyrics wrote themselves. i’d fallen for someone who, due to life’s circumstances, was unattainable, but there was this undeniable, torturous mutual spark. ‘orion’ is that person you click with immediately but are forever after left to wonder what might have been, if only…”

The new single channels a feeling of melancholy without falling into a pit of despair. Warner achieves closure with the first few lines but allows her sorrow to soar over light pinging notes and myriad strings. Waré uses a particularly light hand when adding basslines and a pulsing drum machine, not weighing it down with any unnecessary electronics. In spite of the beautiful instrumentation, it is Warner’s voice that carries most of the emotional weight, achieving a wide range only through whispers. Though founded in layers of grief, this track is an enormous relief.

The upcoming record from October’s Child will be titled As You Go. For updates on that, follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


by: Zoë Elaine

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