SWIMM Debut INOJ Cover and Announce Sequel to Their Mini-Fest, Love You Down


Photo Credit: Alex Nelson

Local duo SWIMM are planning a sequel to their community mini-festival, Love You Down, and have solidified their love for INOJ by laying down a cover of her track in their signature sultry indie rock style. Listen to it exclusively on Grimy Goods below.

“I was 14 and still years away from any growth spurt that would halt the notes in class addressing me as ‘Q.T. pie’ or ‘Squirt.’ So to get attention from the girls who asked incessantly if my taller friends with budding armpit hair liked them, I started learning how to shake my ass. One of my all time favorite jams was “Love You Down” done by INOJ. The idea of covering that song and even starting a mini-festival in LA called ‘Love You Down’ is totally an homage to those formative years of poppin’ and lockin’. Of which that poppin’ and lockin’ earned me $30 every week when I won the dance contest! Sadly the notes remained inquiries about my studly friends and I was still referred to as ‘Lil Chris’ or ‘Squirt’ for the remainder of Middle School. But I felt like a giant when that song played!” – Chris Hess

Ironically, the band’s cover is not one you can twerk to, but it retains the and even amps up its emotional intensity. Though they are originally from Florida, SWIMM has been showing the LA arts community love since the moment they moved here. They live with Sego and have thrown parties at their warehouse before, but Love You Down is on another level. There will be “live art and installations, zine tables with multiple contributors, photo booth, tarot card readers and laser light show providing a carnival for the senses,” so don’t expect a dull moment all day. Love You Down will happen February 2nd at the Echo. For more information about the fest, visit SWIMM’s website. Buy tickets here. Follow SWIMM on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


by: Zoë Elaine

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